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Not to long ago, I had this insane theory pop into my head: What if every young actor who's played Bruce Wayne from Batman all the way to Batman Begins, was to play Robin in the movies? Sure its a long shot, and one actor is rumored to be dead, but hey! it could work. Not saying it should, but it could work.
So lets start with numero uno!

1. Batman (1989) Charles Roskilly - Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Charles hasn't even appeared in anything since the young Wayne in Batman, but he does have the face similar to Dick/Nightwing. His Twitter bio reads, “retired superhero currently contemplating a comeback”. Could he?

2. Batman Forever (1995) Ramsey Ellis - Jason Todd / Red Hood

Ramsey's last appearance onscreen was for an episode of Murphy Brown back in 1996. A young man of the same name passed away in Ramsey’s hometown, San Antonio, Texas, though it’s not clear if it’s the same person. He could make a pretty exceptional Jason if you aged him a few years...

3. Batman & Robin (1997) Eric Lloyd - Tim Drake / Red Robin

You might remember him best in his roles in the Santa Claus films as Charlie alongside costar Tim Allen. And became the singer in a band called ‘Conflict Conveyed Through Audio’.

4. Batman Begins (2005) Gus Lewis - Damian Wayne / Robin

Best known for his role in Asylum and I Shouldn’t Be Alive. Now, he wouldn't be my choice for Damian, and probably not yours (because of age and looks) but if he had to be a Robin, then I'd put him as Red Robin.

Honorable Mention. Gotham (2014-2016-) David Mazouz - Damian Wayne / Robin

Gotham has become a hit show, the castings are absolutely great, especially David as Bruce Wayne. Gotham is the only show or movie that has ever gone into the character of Bruce and David plays the part extremely well. David would be my number 1 choice for Damian. Could he portray Ben Affleck's/Bruce Wayne's son?

But What Do YOU Think? Do Any Of These Actors Seem Appealing To YOU? Tell Me YOUR Thoughts In the Comments Below!


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