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Steal my idea. I have no sense of pride in this, if it makes the world a better place.

There are numerous problems with the Star Wars prequels and addressing them all is not something this post is meant to do. Instead, I'll touch on something no one wants to hear about: trade disputes.

I know. Don't stop reading. I want to fix this because it makes the whole story less compelling. There isn't anyone short of MBA students that want to see a drama centered around trade. Trade can be interesting, but not dramatic. The real frustrating problem with the prequels is that there is a much more dramatic plot device that could have been used, which already in the story. Not only is this device in the story, but if it were used it could have been the central framework for Anakin Skywalker's decent into darkness.

I'm talking about slavery.

I was surprised that slavery was so casually depicted in the prequels and thought it was odd that there wasn't any kind of movement to abolish it. If the Jedi are indifferent to the existence of slavery, I would think that could be the leverage Palpatine would have used to seduce Anakin to the dark side.

Furthermore, if Padme was depicted as an abolitionist at her introduction, you could potentially have a common thread that draws Anakin to her. Eventually, Anakin doesn't shift suddenly to the dark side, but instead goes down a slippery slope not unlike the later act of Munich.


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