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Quincy Jackson

Hello, out there Fans of Star-wars and Sci-fi. By the-the way The movie was awesome and you should see it when you have the time. No spoilers here just to let you know. This morning I was reading some tweets Neil DeGrasse Tyson was saying about Star wars. They were not really great. Yea I understand science is his thing and I loved the work he has done over the years. but just a like anything else I am not fearful of calling out people on stuff even if I follow their work. Sci-fi and the real world are becoming a reality here and there. Sure some people pluck fun at some these things. Some of the humor on these like Star wars vs Stars-trek are funny and others no so much. My humor is weird. Science has its place in the world. I told Neil DeGrasse that it does not matter that Star wars follow the same laws of physics as the real world. That's part of my argument. Here is the other part of that. In the future, we may find the worlds that defy everything we know about our current science we have now. I find some of what he said to be very debatable.Sci-fi has its own Science. If you get to deep into that it gets crazy. Be calm and keep loving Sci-fi people.


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