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After the amazing Terminator 2, it seems like all the Terminator franchise knew how to do was suck. Between the third film, and the two attempted reboots, maybe it would be best if we put the Terminator license on hold for awhile.

But if they do decide to make another film, I hope they see this post. Because I am going to pitch a basic outline for a new movie, as well as outlining things to avoid.

The Setting:

This film should take place either in present day, or the recent past. Some scenes can be set in the future, but too much can turn this into a second Salvation, and we don't want that.

The Bad Guys:

We have seen the "judgement day" plot over and over again. We do not need it for the thousandth time. This time, I recommend using another piece of technology that could be more interesting if done right. And that technology is nanobots.

They should be able to synchronize to create a liquid metal-ish terminator, except the technology would allow it to create more complex weapons than blade hands. And it would be able to turn into a swarm and fly instead of having to steal vehicles.

This will also look really cool in the future, with swarms of nanobots blacking out the sun whenever they attack a complex.

The story for them would go like this:

Scientists create nanobots to do things that humans can't. Military decides to weaponize them. Military creates an AI to control the nanobots more efficiently. AI decides humans are a threat and turns against them.

The Good Guys:

The new protagonist would be a teenage girl who ends up being the mom of someone who is important in the future. Not much different than the first terminator.

But instead of one terminator getting sent back, a squad of 5 are. And they are tasked with protecting her.

Here is how this part of the story would go:

To stop the new bad guys, humans in the future look into records of the incidents involving Sarah Connor and her son. They reverse engineer remnants of the terminators they found and are able to make their own. But with the hindsight given to them by the stories Sarah Connor told, they are able to keep them under control and set them against the new threat.

So the nanobots send back a swarm to kill the mother of the head scientist who was able to reverse engineer the terminator technology. And the humans send back a team of terminators to stop it.

Things Not To Do:

1. Arnold: He was a great terminator. He still is. But all he is going to ever be in new movies is a nostalgia crutch that writers lean on.

2. The Connors: Good protagonists in the past, but they need to be retired so new characters get a chance to shine.

3. Too much future: The first two films were good, but they didn't show much of the future. Salvation showed us that our imagination did a much better job at portraying what the future would look like in this timeline than the movies themselves.

Author's Note:

I just want to point out that this is all my opinion. I am not Latino review, and as such I will not be posting my opinion as a "leaked plot".


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