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I finally got to see Star Wars and man, that was amazing. I'm not the usual BIG Star Wars fan but I love the franchise and seeing it for the first time in theater was incredible. It has everything I expected and even more. The general applause when the Star Wars logo appeared alongside its legendary main theme and the feeling of satisfaction in everyone's eyes at the end of the movie. You could really sense that this franchise has something more than others but...I lose myself and that is not the subject of my article.

(Warning, if you haven't seen Star Wars The Force Awakens, you might want to back away because this article contains a lot of plot details and theories about the movie)

This is my first article about Star Wars and I wanted to tackle force-sensitive characters in The Force Awakens. During the promo of the movie what we've seen a lot was Finn with Luke's lightsaber and thus many assumed that he was the new Jedi of this trilogy. But surprisingly, Rey revealed herself as the real hero of the movie. Don't get me wrong, Daisy Ridley was exceptional and I can't wait to see what's in store for her but my favorite character was Finn and I was a tiny disappointed.

Finn possesses surely one of the deepest backstory of the movie. He was taken away from his family by the First Order and trained and brainwashed to become a Stormtrooper. He never got to be his own person and all he never know was his matricule number FN-2187. That's a harsh story and one that perfectly explains Finn's will to flee his past instead of standing against the First Order.

Does Finn possesses the Force ?

As I said, I was disappointed that Finn didn't end up having the Force in the movie but I won't give up already. My opinion is probably biased by the fact that I love the character but I'll try to defend my opinion.

While Rey's force sensitivity manifested itself in a very straightforward way it might have act differently for Finn. Rey lived most of her life alone on Jakku and had to take care of herself and it probably helped her develop the Force even if she wasn't aware of it, even more if she was trained before (but that's another subject for another day). In Finn's case he never really had a life besides being trained, brainwashed and subject to a constant propaganda to serve the First Order. Several elements in the movie tend to hint that Finn maybe used and was saved by the Force in various occasions:

  • He easily took a hold of Luke's lightsaber: Commercials heavily teased Finn with a lightsaber and for a good reason: he used it and a lot more than Rey. Maz Katana was pretty confident telling him that he already had a weapon when they fought against the stormtroopers. If memory serves me correctly, only one character non-force sensitive, Han Solo, used a lightsaber in the movies and even then it was only for a short period of time. It seems to me that J.J Abrams could begin to prepare the ground to bigger things for Finn in future installments of the franchise.
  • He stood a fight against Kylo Ren: That is surely a moment of the movie that a lot of people noticed. When Rey was unconscious, Finn had to fight against Ren despite having no training and he defended himself pretty well. One could argue that Ben was injured but still, Finn only used a lightsaber once before and that shouldn't be enough against the Master of the Knights of Ren - we still don't have a clue about this one - and even if he was defeated at the end Finn was impressive.
  • He avoided The First Order brainwashing: Finn seems to be - for now - the only stormtrooper who try to rebelled against The First Order. While all of them were conditioned to serve the regime, Finn is the only one who refused to kill for them. It was even stated by Phasma that nothing came up when he got back to his unit. How didn't they noticed that something was wrong with one of their soldiers ? It would only take the Force to have such a strong psychological resistance.

Many saw the trio Rey/Finn/Poe as the new Luke/Han/Leia but let's not see them as archetype and let's not forget that their was two force-sensitive character back then. Even if Leia never seems to really have used the Force, she did sense Han's death despite being light years away.

Everything I've said could prove itself wrong but, I'm really hoping that there is more in store for Finn. As things are I would really like to see several Jedi learning about their abilities but differently. Rey with Luke and maybe Finn more on the field with the resistance. If this new trilogy want to differentiate itself from its predecessors it could be a way to do it.

Again, reality could be totally different especially if they didn't finish to write the next movie. What I'm sure is that Finn's story still hold a lot of mystery, about his family and his failed brainwashing as a stormtrooper. What was frustrating about The Force Awakens is that we left the theater with more questions than answers. Episode VIII will have to address those interrogations the first movie left us with.


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