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If you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens you no doubt are aware that the film left us with more questions than answers. Personally, I am not panicking because I honestly think a majority of these questions will be answered in Episode VIII or maybe even as far as Episode IX. Regardless of the time frame, it still leaves us scratching our heads a bit. With this post I wanted to highlight some of the bigger questions we all have and give us the opportunity to share our theories.

In case you need to be clued in, this article does contain spoilers for 'The Force Awakens.' If you haven't seen the movie yet, feel free to come back and join the fun after you've seen it. That is, unless you don't care about spoilers.

Still with me? All right! Let's talk about some of these gaps we were left with.

5. Exactly how did Poe Dameron make his way from Jakku back to the Resistance?

After Poe and Finn escape the First Order in a stolen Tie Fighter, the pair crash land on Jakku where Poe is thought to be dead. He shows up later in the movie with fellow Resistance pilots in the battle on Takodana and you're left wondering, how did he make it back?

We learn that Poe Dameron was thrown from the wreckage and thought Finn was dead, but we don't find out how he wound up back with the Resistance. Was he tracked and picked up by Resistance pilots? Did he make his way off Jakku with smugglers? At this point, any explanation is possible.

4. How many Jedi were being trained by Luke before his disappearance?

When explaining what happened to Luke Skywalker and the Jedi, Han Solo mentions that Luke went into isolation after feeling like the rise of Kylo Ren was his fault. He did also mention that he had built up an academy and was training new Jedi. So this begs the question, how many Jedi were being trained? In addition to that, what happened to them all?

Were they killed by Kylo Ren and/or the Knights of Ren? Were they scattered across the galaxy by Luke and the Resistance to protect them? I have a feeling that this will most likely be answered in Episode VIII, but for right now this is a big question.

3. Will we see "force ghosts" of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, or even Han Solo?

If Rey is to begin some sort of Jedi training in Episode VIII now that Luke has been found, will we see any familiar faces in blue ghost form? Not only will Rey see any ghosts, but will Luke, Leia, or Kylo Ren (a.k.a., Ben Solo) see the ghost of Han Solo?

Apparently the entire cast is returning to film Episode VIII in January 2016, it has left a lot of people wondering what Harrison Ford is reporting for since his character is dead.

2. What was the deal with Maz Kanata? How did she get the lightsaber? Better yet, did she even survive the attack on her castle in Takodana?

If you have been reading reviews and opinions on The Force Awakens you might have seen that a big disappointment among viewers was Maz Kanata. This motion-capture character, played by Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o, was set up to be rather important but she sort of was ignored after her castle was swarmed and ultimately destroyed by the First Order. She is knowledgeable of The Force, was able to recognize the fact that Rey had a vision after touching Luke's lightsaber, and she had known Han and Chewbacca for an undisclosed amount of time. Did I mention that she had possession of Luke's lightsaber?

The overall complaint about Maz is she was kind of a throwaway character. She is introduced and seems to know a lot about what is going on, but then she sort of disappears. Director J.J. Abrams has already said that Maz escaped the Takodana attack unharmed and made it to the Resistance base in the Ileenium system, but her remaining scenes were left on the cutting room floor. That leaves us to wonder, what was the real relevance of Maz? Will she be returning in future Star Wars films?

1. Who is Rey?

Perhaps the biggest mystery of The Force Awakens is regarding our female protagonist, Rey. Despite her carrying this film and being fun to watch, we know very little about who she is. All we know is she is a tech savvy, lonely scavenger from Jakku. Given the fact that we learn she is Force-sensitive and she uses her powers to escape First Order custody and defeat Kylo Ren, there are some serious questions that require answers. Like I said before, I have no doubt we will get answers to these questions. It's just a fact that we know nothing about how Rey acquired these gifts, how she had any knowledge of what to do with them, or how she was able to defeat a trained ex-Jedi.

Theories have already popped up surrounding Rey's origins. The most popular, so far, involve her being Luke Skywalker's daughter or another child of General Leia Organa and Han Solo. Either of these are plausible and very likely. Personally, I am leaning more towards her being Luke's child than Leia's. I say that because you would think that if she was a sibling of Kylo Ren that he would have felt that immediately when entering her consciousness. All he could feel was her increasing power and he couldn't see more than her dreams of the oceanic island in which Luke is later found. There are so many questions regarding Rey that it would be easier for me to just make a list.

  • Who are Rey's parents?
  • She adapted to The Force very quickly and seemed to be able to do things that even skilled Jedi couldn't easily do. Had she begun Jedi training before she was left on Jakku?
  • Will she train as a Jedi with Luke?
  • Did Luke know who she was?
  • I re-watched the original trilogy after seeing The Force Awakens and her Rebel helmet looked extremely familiar (hint hint). Who's X-Wing helmet is in her possession?
  • If she had never met a Resistance fighter before meeting Finn on Jakku, how come she had a makeshift doll dressed as a Rebel pilot in her AT-AT home? Usually when you have never seen something before, you don't know what it looks like.
  • Obviously she can glimpse into the future due to her dreams of the place where she eventually locates Luke. However, were her dreams being influenced by Luke or any previous Jedi such as Obi-Wan, Yoda, or Anakin?
  • Maz Kanata inquires about who Rey is, but the scene cuts away before we hear Han's answer. Did he know who she was?

Were there any big questions you had after seeing 'The Force Awakens'? Leave a comment!


Whose child is Rey?


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