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The year of 2015 is approaching the end of its run, and one cannot help to speculate what films in 2016 will win the belt for highest-grossing. A quick recap of 2015 Furious 7, Jurassic World, Age of Ultron, Minions, and Star Wars topped the box office this past year. The question I have been raising, does critics approval helps, or hurts a motion picture box office total? The answer without a doubt in my mind, yes a highly praised movie will ensure a longevity of success compared to a poorly received one. I do not believe this is true in every case, especially in animated films where word of mouth from parents matter a great deal(Pixar is the boss when it comes to animated films). My predictions for the upcoming year consists of hype, previous installments, and my personal excitement for the given movie. I will not go in the exact dollar amount, but I will share whether or not the movie I am discussing will win top billing, or if it will surpass the billion dollar mark. As always feel free to disagree, and please comment to let me know if I am full of it, or just maybe you agree with my analysis of this upcoming box office battle of the imaginary belt. Enjoy! ( The list will include fourteen highly anticipated movies in order of the least to the highest- grossing, if you feel i have forgotten any please let me know. Also I will be focusing more on worldwide gross than domestic.)

Honorable Mentions:

April 15, The Huntsman: Winter's War (Universal)

June 24, Independence Day: Resurgence (Fox)

July 29, Untitled Bourne Movie (Universal)

October 7, Gambit (Fox) - I highly doubt Fox will make the release date.

December 21, Assassins's Creed (Fox)

I have little doubt that these movies will do well, but I do not believe they will be among the best of the best( I will not pick every possible movie, that list will be very extensive, but if you feel I was rather an idiot for not picking one please let me know.

Predictions for the Highest-Grossing Movies in 2016

14. Deadpool(Fox) Feb.12- All right, all right I know that this is wishful thinking at the very best with the hard "R" that studio is going for. Deadpool is one of Marvel's most popular character with good reasons. He is foul-mouth, violent, hilarious, and often times misunderstood. If this movie could blow expectations out of the water, then expect certain movies, with certain characters the silver screen experience they deserve. The biggest question is how well Deadpool will perform outside of the United States?

13.Warcraft(Universal) June10- Directing this little movie is Duncan Jones, ( Son of David Bowie) which some people hail as a visionary director after the movie Moon. I for one lack excitement for this particular movie, even though I enjoyed the trailer at The Force Awakens. This movie is adapted from a very popular game and with stellar reviews it could be one summer's biggest hits. One of the biggest drawbacks of this is movie is the lackluster crop of video games turned movies in recent history.

12. Ghostbusters (Columbia) July 15- I truly hope this movie does well, and I hope people can look past the all-female leads. Paul Feig has a proven track record of successful summertime movies. This movie boasts an impeccable cast, and I think we all will be surprise at the ticket sales. I know that China is the second biggest market in the world, and I do wonder if it will be a hit over there.

11. Star Trek Beyond (Paramount) July 22- Justin Lin takes over directorial duties from the legendary JJ Abrams, and this movie's potential is quite high even with an underwhelming first trailer. This movie would be higher, but Into Darkness only gross $466,978,661 worldwide.

10. Suicide Squad ( Warner Brothers) Aug.5- This movie could score a home run. or be a bombastic failure! If Dawn of Justice does really well expect a great deal of momentum following this movie (obviously). I personally cannot wait to see Harley Quinn in action, and a small part of me thinks that this might do better than aforementioned Batman V Superman.

9. Doctor Strange (Marvel) Nov.4- I am so very excited for this movie to come out, mainly because of Cumberbatch and his portrayal of Sherlock. The only problem I see with the total gross of this movie is that Marvel's first solo movies does not do nearly as well as the sequels. Yet this has one of the most star-studded cast on this list, and I cannot wait to see the acid-fueled designs that is Doctor Strange.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Paramount) June 3- This is another one of those those movies, the first one gross $493,333,584 worldwide. After viewing the trailer, my excitement for the sequel is piqued. A lot of movies on this list up to this point could be interchangeable (I stand by my list, but there is no way knowing for sure until the movies come out), but being the sequel and following recent trends this should vastly out gross the mediocre first outing.

7. Alice Through the Looking Glass (Disney) May 20- The first movie gross over a billion dollars worldwide (no clue on why, I was not impressed), that is the main reason it is at seven on this list.

6.Finding Dory (Pixar) June 17- This is close to a sure thing any studio can put out in theaters. Finding Nemo gross $936,743,261 worldwide, and I do not see any reason why the sequel cannot pass a billion.

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Warner Brothers) Nov.18- This is a Harry Potter spin-off therefore should be pretty successful. The Harry Potter franchise was number one all-time until those brainy people at Marvel overtook them with the highest-grossing franchise of all-time. The biggest problem that I can see is the brand recognition of this being in the Harry Potter universe. Warner Brothers should put on an excellent marketing campaign and families all over the world should flock to see this movie.

4. X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox) May 27- The last two X-Men movies put the mutant squad in the forefront in highly anticipated comic book movies. Days of Future Past gross $747,862,775 worldwide and after watching the trailer I see no reason why this should not be the first X-men movie to break the coveted billion mark.

3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Lucasfilm) Dec.16- After the recent success of The Force Awakens ( Understatement yes I know), the galaxy's the limit. This movie is set right before A New Hope and starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna,Mads Mikkelsen and many more. The only reason why this not at number one on my list is simply I do not know how fans will react with the lack of Skywalkers.

2. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Brothers) Mar.25- This movie has the most pressured on its release since....any movie ever! A lot people did not like the most recent trailer, due to a number of different things. I am very hopeful that the movie performs extremely well, partly because I really want to see a DC universe in cinemas. I think most everyone agrees that this movie is sure to make a billion dollars, but if the reviews are negative from the start then this movie in a world building amount of trouble.

1. Captain America: Civil War (Marvel) May 6- Yes this choice was obvious, but after the immaculate The Winter Soldier, how is this not the most anticipated movie of 2016? The biggest worry on fan's mind is whether or not it will be overloaded with characters. I cannot express how excited I am to see Black Panther and Spider-Man on screen with the Avengers ( I do not care how short of screen time either one gets). Kevin Feige broke away from Ike Perlmutter so that he can spend the money he needs to ensure an epic film. Lastly the suspense of Captain America's demise in the movie will surely drive ticket sales.

Thank You for reading my post and if you disagree with any movie on my list, please let me know! Remember though that these all are guesses and I tried to use past movies as reference points. Feel free to disagree!


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