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Now Speculation about who Rey is and who her parents are is all around. And if you haven't seen Episode 7 yet this article isn't for you it will contain spoilers.

Spoiler Alert if you haven't seen it turn back Now
Spoiler Alert if you haven't seen it turn back Now

Rey turns out to be our true jedi in the force awakens no matter how advertised Finn was with Anakin's lightsaber. Now everyone thinks because she has the force she must be a Skywalker and without any consent we learn in the seen with Mos when she ask "who's the girl". Han makes a face then the scene turns so yeah maybe she's a jedi but my theory is Rey is a Kenobi. Yes i said it meaning relations to Obi WAN FREAKING KENOBI. In the original movies only two jedi lines are really left and unless she is a sith she would either be a Skywalker,Kenobi, or Yoda and she don't look green to me. Thus saying that is reason to leave open her being a Kenobi the original show down in the first Star Wars was Vader vs Kenobi so why not have that battle set back up this being why Kylo knows about her and fears her in a way fighting her in a way is another connection to his grandfather Vader which Kylo desperately wants to be.


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