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Whenever you make a successful franchise, you better be ready for a TON of shipping from fans! For those who don't know, "shipping" is the term used by fans when they want two or more characters to be in a relationship.

You can't find a fandom without ships. Every popular fandom, from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to, of course, Star Wars has a ton of fan-desired ships! Most of the time, these ships don't really come true, mostly because a lot of them are really outrageous — like Woody X Buzz (there goes your childhood).

But sometimes, if the ship is in the realm of possibility, it'll actually happen. The best example of a fan pairing come true is Korrasami, the shipping of Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra.

Because of powerhouse pairings like this, it actually become a thing, and fans continue to have hope that more of their 'ships' will set sail! One such ship is one that I don't think anyone was expecting.

As you more than likely know, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just flown its extremely successful TIE Fighter into theaters! Fans are raving over the new film, and for good reason. While the movie is full of action, suspense and drama (all the elements of a pleasing Star Wars movie), what really makes this film stand out is its great characters!

Returning favorites such as Han Solo, Chewbacca, and General Leia Organa are paired up with some pretty great new additions to the cast. Two of these new additions have wowed audiences so fast and so much, that fans are already hard at work petitioning for them become a couple. Who are these two, you might ask? Well, it's not who you're thinking...

Team FinnXPoe Anyone?

Yes, the ship that some fans are pushing for is one between Finn and Poe Dameron. It makes sense, of all the new characters we've been introduced to in The Force Awakens, Poe and Finn are definitely the most interesting — besides Rey of course.

These two did show up on screen within relatively the same time frame, and all of our eyes were hooked on them during that big escape scene and onward! The story behind this pairing is that Finn and Poe, who've already developed a strong bromance, might be more than friends. Poe renames Finn (originally called FN-2187) and lets him keep his jacket because "it suits him". And Finn does everything he can to finish Poe's mission, and get BB-8 to the Resistance in one piece.

Now, obviously all of these moments can easily be interpreted as moments of friendship, but they're enough to get the romantic gears going in some people's minds. But the question remains: Is "Pinn" or "Foe" likely?

Not Really

Rey, like some fans, was rooting for Team Foe
Rey, like some fans, was rooting for Team Foe

While the thought of two of Star Wars's newest badass characters pairing up is pretty cool, it doesn't seem like that's the plan. Poe and Finn have only really given off a sense of friendship, and while other romantic pairings have been made with less evidence, it just seems unlikely.

Especially given that Rey and Finn seem to have more of a romantic-ish bond. But don't you worry "Foe/Pinn" supporters, it's not completely hopeless. The odds may not exactly be in their favor, but Poe and Finn have been known to be underdogs before!

So though this fan shipping is unlikely, is it possible? Yes! And here are a few reasons why!

They Do Have Chemistry

Friendly chemistry, true, but that doesn't mean it can't turn into something more. Hear me out here. Yes, the two haven't really expressed any feelings towards each other other than feelings of friendship, but we've definitely seen two friends become more than that in other fandoms.

The aforementioned Korrasami pairing was very unbelievable before it actually came true. Sure there were a few hints here and there, but all in all, it seemed that Korra and Asami were just friends. Add that to the fact that no one expected Nickelodeon to be so progressive, and Korrasami seemed like fantasy.

Another friendship turned romance is that of Ron and Hermione. Yes, in the later books it became apparent that these two were going to end up together. But in the earlier books, everyone kind of expected Harry- you know, the hero of the story- to sweep Hermione off her feet. Not only were they wrong about that, but Hermione ended up getting with Ron—who at the time, was the least likely subject. I mean, the only person less likely than him was Neville. Talk about jumping out of the friendzone.

The point is, friends turning... more than friends isn't impossible. While Poe and Finn have been nothing but friendly, it's easy to see why some fans see the two as a couple.

After all, that was a SWEET jacket Poe let Finn keep. I wouldn't give that to my closest of chums. Heck, I'm not really sure I'd give it to someone I'm dating either...

It Might Have Been Confirmed?

The cast of The Force Awakens appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired a day before the film's release. In it, they joked around and talked about the film.

Ellen, ever the voice of the people, asked what everyone was likely thinking at the time; whether or not there were any romances. Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe, talks about the "subtle relationship that's happening" with his character in the film. He states that he was "playing romance", but that he won't say with which character.

Now why is this important? Well, while he might have been joking throughout the entire interview, he seemed to be a bit more serious when discussing the relationship status of his character. The only thing is, Poe doesn't really have a relationship with anyone. Except for one awesome former Stormtrooper.

Yes, Finn! Finn is really the only person we see Poe have a "subtle" relationship with. Like I said, it's a friendly relationship, but it's really the only one we see Poe be a part of. The fact that John Boyega — who portrays Finn — tried to interject to agree with Poe's "playing romance" speech just adds more fuel to the fire.

So unless he was talking about BB-8... let's hope he wasn't talking about BB-8.

Disney May Be Trying To Do Something New

When it comes to being progressive, Disney has become insanely good at it recently. Just look at films like Frozen and Tangled, which strive to show kids that females and princesses in movies aren't always the damsels-in-distress.

On the Pixar front, movies like Brave and Inside Out are also very progressive and not "of the norm." Disney has been doing a lot to support and present the female and LGBT communities recently, and Star Wars is a good way to continue doing that!

After all, what's a better way to promote diversity and equality than in a movie featuring one of the most diverse casts ever? You'll find folks of every shape, size and color in Star Wars! It's not hard to believe a pairing like "Pinn" is possible, and it might actually be a smart move if it were to happen.

After all, Rey has been presented as anything but the damsel-in-distress in The Force Awakens. To assume that she'll end up with Finn is just a gamble. Who's to say she'll even want to be in a relationship with anyone?

So, what's the verdict on FinnXPoe?

Still Unlikely...

While I'd be all right with the galaxy's two newest rebellious fighters becoming a powerhouse pair, it's still very unlikely. Poe and Finn have only come across as friends, and while there's no doubt in my mind that Rey isn't just an eye-candy damsel, that doesn't mean she won't end up with Finn.

In fact, Finn and Rey seems the most likely choice when we're talking about ships. They're the only two who have really given off a feeling of romance throughout the film.

Then again, we haven't really seen enough of any of these new characters to clearly see who will end up with whom — if any of them actually end up with each other, that is. So I guess Team Pinn and Team Fey (Finn and Rey) will both just have to wait until Episode 8 to find out who the ultimate pairing really is!

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