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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Coming out of this I'm really glad I watched this.

And this one I have no nostalgia hold over. While it's true I read the comics and at times felt a bit like Charlie Brown and at points I still do.
Charlie Brown is a character, we all identify with well, I don't know, maybe most like me will, or if not, just relate maybe to some of the days that we had, that he has, and yet, he has kept with it.
And I really enjoyed the stylistic choices they made, I mean Charlie Brown and Snoopy were not too drawn out and it was not too CGI too.

I also love the fact that the choice in my country was to modify the title to exactly "Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie". Because that's mostly it, because like it was mostly focused on Charlie Brown and Snoopy but the more I think about it the comics that I read, actually centered them as well, but at others there were characters like Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Franklin and all the others there, and the only one that was new was that red headed girl, Marceline if I'm not mistakened and you know I think she's just a romantic interest for Charlie and they did get that out because like he admitted it and did try to talk to her but he was shy.

And I really enjoyed the little side stories with Snoopy and the bird. And also I loved the fact that the adults had that trumpet thing going on. And I also liked that my mum didn't really understand that and I had to explain it to her. And I also enjoyed the little lesson at the end there, as well, sure it's the whole basis to Peanuts but, I thought it was really a great message for kids. I thought the humor was fine, maybe some of it may have been a little fast for kids to catch, but I thought it was fine,maybe growing up with English humor helped me a little, I mean I never really did grow up with American humor. When I got older only did I understand it. And at times it was dragged out a little too much.

But overall, I loved it, the little airplane flying around and I thought Snoopy should have had like the thought bubbles that he usually had in the comics but eh, nitpicking . And you know it was nice to see old the old gang again, I liked that it was not too you know contemporary but you know, maybe if not the song choices, but the thought comes to mind was that I thought that maybe a smartphone wouldn't hurt but hey, I enjoyed seeing that old relic called a land line.


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