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I. Just. Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. Miley.

Frankly, I'm concerned. I think I understand her somehow. She is living in a rainbow reality that she created (with the big help of the Green Healing Herb....) At least we think it's healing... Is it really, though...healing... for Miley? At this point, I say , no. Put it away. Stop smoking whatever your smoking and come back to yourself (but not on yourself in front of thousands of fans...) Narcissism is overrated, truly. Life is too short, so wake up, right now...We're waiting...

Hey, I used to smoke marijuana daily and I swore I'd never stop but looking back at all those crazy stoner photos (making up a garagantuan fifteen years of my life), I wouldn't dream of going back to the land of fuzzy wuzzy.

I'm truly feeling awful for Miley's family.

I mean it's not all about you, Miley. It's about your family too. Those who have been there for you and who love you, have supported you from the get go. Is it really necessary to play with gigantic dildos on stage to get your point across? What is your point anyway? Legalize it? OK, done. Now what?

Miley is lost in a far away land where she is only reachable by unicorns and those who are allowing her to fall further away from her true self. I'm sure if she read this article she would call me a hater but I'm no such thing. Miley. You can think of me as your big sister. Please, please hurry up and get over this stage of Miley Gone Wild...Because Miley Needs Love. Miley needs, help, yeah we all do. You are not alone little sister.

Looking back at my younger self I can only sympathize with your current state of emotional turmoil. You were Hannah Montana for crying out loud! Billy Cyrus' beautiful intelligent caring, daughter... His legacy. Knowing how my own father responded to me barely knowing what I was doing while living in L.A. for 10 years (and what he thought was much worse than the truth, in fact...(although I did smoke a lot of weed & had a lot of sex) I was only ever looking for love.

Hold on a minute!! I am the love... Why was I looking for it? Hmmmmm.... That just doesn't add up. Miley Cyrus, you are who you are and it is up to you to gather yourself back to your home base. Check in with your parents and your siblings and your old friends. Check in with, yourself.

I've been a singer/songwriter for over 20 years and had I found fame and fortune at the young age you did, I might not have made it this far....

I was lost... I was lonely... I was young.

But oh dear Lord, thank goodness I wasn't a celebrity.

I love you, Miley.


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