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Lyle Anthony Alfonso

#1 There's a Scene where BB-8 is rolling over the desert dune when a creatures head pops up.... It's A Hammerhead!.

#2 The scene where Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8 are walking a short flight of Stairs towards Manza's place. You will notice all types of Flags hanging. To your left you will see a Red Flag of The Legion 501st with a Stormtrooper image. In the center is the Mandalorian Symbol flag.

#3 The Scene where Rey, Finn and BB-8 are running away from tie fighters in Jakku. You will notice 2 columns supporting a horizontal Reddish brown beam. That is the same prop used in Star Wars Episode 1 The phantom Menace during the Pod Race Scene the Starting and Finish Line.

#4 During Rey's Force Vision you will hear Obi-Wan's Voice (Alec Guinness) as well as Yoda's.

#5 BB-8 had the first lines of the Film

#6 R2-D2 had the last lines of the film.

#7 C3-PO will say "Thank The Maker" just as he said it back in 1977's "A New Hope".

#8 You will see a Bothan serving Drinks in Manza's Palace.

#9 You will hear Jawas laughing but is not shown on screen.

#10 To be Continued...


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