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Okay, so I know right now fans have probably broken the internet with Star Wars and they have every right to do so. However, if you don't mind reading one more article about 'The Force Awakens', I would like to share with you a fan theory concerning one of our most mysterious new characters. I warn thee, spoilers ahead you will find but may the Force guide you through these treacherous waters as I share with you these theories that may answer one of the most frequently asked questions of this week.


Speculation, there is much but answers there are none (I'm sorry for all the Yoda references) However, I've heard three possible fan theories concerning Rey that have really got me thinking about this character. Two of these theories are concerning her parentage and one particularly interesting theory is about which side she may be on.

Her Parentage

This is the million dollar question that Star Wars fans have been asking. Although some people may argue that Rey shares no blood relations with the old gang I find this extremely hard to believe and let me explain why.

Rey Solo

There's no arguing that this may be a possibility, especially with the revelation of Kylo Ren's parentage. Most of us know that Hans Solo and Leia Organa had three children (as revealed in the comics) so what is stopping Rey from being one of them? This may explain why characters constantly seem to ask Hans who the girl is, as if, after travelling with her and Fin for a few days, would answer this. This may also explain why Kylo Ren seemed outraged at the mention of Rey in the beginning of the film as well as why he seems reluctant to seriously injure her. Such speculation may also explain why Rey can use the Force. Luke Skywalker, as quoted in the trailer says:

"The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. You have that power, too ."

So, although we don't see it in the original trilogy, Leia is fully capable of using the Force and thus it is totally feasible to expect her children to be able to use it as well. The one massive loop hole I find in this theory, however, is the lack of mention between Hans and Leia of a missing daughter. They constantly speak of the son they lost (I won't elaborate much due to spoilers) so why do they not mention a missing daughter ?

Rey Skywalker

Okay, admit it, we all thought this while watching the film at one point or another. It seems to be a known fact from the comics that Luke does have a child from a former Sith member, so Rey may be the product of both the Dark and Light sides colliding and thus instantly creating a character ten times more interesting then expected. And what proof do we have of this? Well, the lightsaber is a good place to start. The same lightsaber that was in the possession of both Anakin and Luke Skywalker is found by Rey under very mysterious circumstances. Just as the iconic lightsaber went from Anakin to Luke, could it be doing the same with Luke and his possible daughter? I strongly believe so.

Another characteristic of Rey that continues to reinforce my idea of another Skywalker heroine is the fact that she seems to have an almost natural knowledge of mechanics and engineering and a fondness for droids which is acutely similar to that of Luke's. Could this slight feature in her character be a hint to her true parentage?

It's a possibility.

Which Side Will She Choose?

Now this is the theory that really got me thinking. I had spent countless months staring at 'The Force Awakens' poster and it never dawned to me that, although it may have been photographic trickery, it appears that Rey is holding a red Lightsaber. Now, it is known that it's her staff that she is holding but the way it's placed against Kylo Ren's lightsaber is, admittedly, very misleading. We all know that the red coloration of such sabres is characteristic with the Dark Side and thus, could this also be an indication of Rey's alliances? If our theory of her possessing some form of Skywalker blood is true, we also know that that family has always found difficulty distinguishing the two sides from each other. Could Rey also fall victim to the struggles that plagued both Anakin and Luke?

Sadly, this is all just simple speculation. We fans can spend the next few months forming theory upon theory but we will have to wait for Star Wars Episode VIII before our curiosity can sufficiently be quenched or worse, Episode IX, depending on how cruel the producers wish to be. Until then, however, may the force be with you all and may these theories have given you something new to chew on.


Who do you think Rey is?


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