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Unless you've been living under a rock or at the top of a mountain (where you can still probably get internet), you've heard that Steve Harvey had a little mishap at the Miss Universe Pageant. In a moment that can only be described as cringe-worthy, because man, even if you didn't watch the pageant, you know what's coming if you watch the moment it all went down:

I personally didn't see it happen live, but watching that video just made me want to find Steve and give him a big ole man hug. And it doesn't matter whose fault it really is, whether the teleprompter was wrong, or whatever. What matters is how Steve handled it. After apologizing profusely, he took to twitter to continue his profusivitinessity-

Note how he didn't immediately pass the blame onto someone else, like a certain singer (Does she still even sing? Did she ever, really?) weirdo did on SNL a few years back-

Not sure where Ashlee Simpson is today...I'm sure Google could tell me, but I don't want to waste the energy.

That was just one of the many examples of celebrities not taking the blame for their own mistakes. You know, like Aaron Hernandez, who blames the media for ruining his daughter's life, not the fact that he murdered people.

Steve Harvey, however, is a different kind of celebrity. He's funny as hell, great as the Family Feud host, and owned up to his mistake, whether it was even 100% his or not, immediately. You just don't find that kind of stuff in Hollywood much anymore.

And thanks to the Facebook, Steve is getting his reward for being the stand-up guy that he is. Check this post out!

Here's the viral pic:

Over 300k likes, and over 171k shares later, the internuts is making sure the words “integrity” and Steve Harvey go together.

The crazies are coming out to roast Steve, instead of to support him. The 1969 Miss Universe winner Gloria Diaz, looking for 15 more minutes of fame, reportedly has said that Steve should be sued $100,000 for his error. And of course, that talk that it was all just a publicity stunt is already in full swing. Was it all a publicity stunt for Miss Universe? Do we really actually care?

We need to take Chase Stancle's advice in his post, and give Steve the respect he deserves. And we need to accept that someone out there has apparently forgiven him already. According to etonline, Steve has a muti-year contract to host the show.

What do you think? Forgive and forget? Or never let him live this down?


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