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Should I see Star Wars VII, or should I not see Star Wars VII? Worry not! I've attempted to answer this question for you here. Depending on which category you most fit in to, you can find an answer here.

To summarize; Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a good movie. Even if you aren't a Star Wars super fan, you can be rest assured the movie will provide quality entertainment. How much though? There are (basically) three types of people that will see this movie. Sure, this is obviously a generalization, but it helps pare down the "review" so you can decide whether the movie is worth it to you.

There are no spoilers here.

The Nerdtastic Fans

These are your people that have bedsheets of The Empire Strikes Back. They might know some of the vocabulary of the Gungans. They've investigated every frame of the original trilogy, and even the second trilogy. These are the folks that buy Lightsabers online. This is a very large crowd of people ranging from collecter to creepily obsessive man/woman child. Regarldess, if you are among this crowd you have already seen the film and you most likely aren't even reading this. For the most part, the mildly nerdtastic fan will enjoy The Force Awakens. But, oddly enough, this crowd is the most critical of the film. They have complaints about certain aspects of the movie that I just can't really see what all the fuss is about, and seriously shut up you got another Star Wars movie that is actually good. So why are so grumpy? If you had to place me somewhere, I'm more or less somewhere between these Nerds and the next category.

Seen the movies, but not quite a nerd.

These people DO like Star Wars, but they didn't make sure to see it within a week of it opening. You might be one of these people, especially if you're reading this. I'm somewhat in this category, but I have my right foot planted in the Nerdtastic sector as well. If you are in this category you WILL like the movie. Why? You have less invested in the film being the best ultimate--supercalifragilistic--superduper--starwars--superfest of all time. You don't care as much. You will still smile when you see nostalgiac nods to the previous films, and you will have a good time. You'll be more impressed by the movie than the Nerds possibly. Heck, it might make you into a Nerd yourself. Regardless, if you have any inkling of caring about the story, and feeling a somewhat soft spot for the characters of the nearly 40 year old trilogy, you'll like this movie. You should see it. You will not be sorry you did. It can and will make you feel like a kid again if you are no longer a kid.

Never seen it, or Don't really care

By and large, the majority of people I know fit into this category. They are not very loud. They are not proud. They don't give a shit. If you are one of these people and you have never seen a Star Wars film, I can't really say how you will react. It just depends on whether or not you dislike good storytelling. If you are turned off by something like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, and that's not your thing, you might have a hard time with this movie. I would encourage you to watch the first Star Wars film. If you hate it, don't even waste your time with this movie. If you are even mildly entertained by it, you could possibly enjoy this movie.

I know that there are tons of people who have simply "missed out" on Star Wars. Their parents just didn't show them the movies, or they just never got around to it. To those people, you will absolutely like this film. Never seeing the film out of sheer accident is much different than intentionally avoiding it because you don't like fantasy. If you aren't one of those intentional avoiders you're going to have a good time, but it's important to watch the original trilogy released in the late 70's and early 80's before going to see this movie.

You can skip the prequels released in the 2000's. Really, you can.

So. Who is going to enjoy this movie the most? I can't say for sure! But if you are looking for a perfect movie, you will probably be dissappointed. If you're looking for a very good film with some flaws here and there you're going to have a great time. If you don't really care, it's even better, you'll really have a good time with this movie.


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