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Brooke McCarter, who played Paul in the cult '80s vampire movie The Lost Boys, has died aged 52 due to complications of a genetic liver condition.

McCarter's family broke the sad news to People magazine on Tuesday 22nd December when they issued a statement that read:

Brooke McCarter died from liver failure at his Tampa, Florida home, after having been hospitalized earlier this year, discovered to have a rare genetic liver disorder, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AAT). He passed this morning, surrounded by close family and friends, including his daughter Kaitlin McCarter, age 12. He will be remembered as a talented actor and musician. He was beloved son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend.His family appreciates the thoughts and prayers from family, friends and fans during this very sad and difficult time. "

McCarter in The Lost Boys
McCarter in The Lost Boys

Best known for his role as Paul, the most outgoing and vicious of all the Lost Boys with a penchant for listening to his "rock box" and sucking the life out of innocent citizens, McCarter's character suffered the most memorable end of all the vampires in the movie as you can see in the video below:

McCarter also made an appearance in the cult skateboarding movie Thrashin' alongside Tony Hawk and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers before he landed his Lost Boys role.

McCarter left showbiz behind in 1998 after a brief stint of writing musical scores and directing and moved to Florida to pursue a career in telecommunications. He later briefly returned to acting after a 20 year hiatus and won the leading role in Herschell Gordon Lewis's The Uh-Oh Show, a horror comedy based around a ghoulish game show.

A recent image of Brooke McCarter
A recent image of Brooke McCarter

McCarter's co-star Corey Feldman has taken to Twitter to express his grief at his former colleagues death along with other fans of the late star.

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