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Misguided parents and internet lingo fit together about as well as peanut butter and asbestos, but every year there's that mom or dad who think they can easily bridge the gap by peppering in a "bae" or a "slay."

Needless to say, this behavior will run the risk of said parent becoming that "cool mom" from Mean Girls: hilarious to watch from the outside, not so fun to deal with on a regular basis.

Yet, what might be even worse than the intentional usage is the accidental slang-droppage because that can lead to some major mix-ups. Case in point: this misunderstanding between reddit user Scmom96 and her 12-year-old son, which is as understandable as it is cringe-worthy.

Here's how one seemingly harmless phrase can lead to one painfully awkward exchange

Ok so I am the mother of a 12 boy. Today we were just hanging out and I thought we could catch up on some holiday movies on Netflix. So I say "there isn't anything on TV you want to just Netflix and chill? " I had heard the saying on TV and social media a lot. His face turned bright red and he replied "what the hell is wrong with you?" I get mad at his response and ask him why not. Basically we have a 20 min conversation about in my mind why I'm not good enough for him to hang out with, and in his mind why I'm not good enough to have sex with! I said things like "don't you love me and want to spend quality time with me?" Finally he embarrassingly explained what it meant.... I said "DO NOT tell your father."

Honestly, this reads like a scene in a TV show, and the worst part is how much you can relate to it. So, children, be patient with your parents and explain to them the intricacies of any ever-changing online language. And parents, be sure to publish any inevitable mishap online for the rest of our enjoyment!

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