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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is a refined edition to the series. It has improved on almost every aspect that call of duty has to offer.

The campaign’s story may not be the most entertaining but thanks to being able to play it with friends it makes it more enjoyable! The addition of nightmare mode also adds more fun.

The multiplayer is as competitive as ever and the addition of specialists adds even more character to what are most peoples reasons to pick up call of duty.

Zombies is as challenging as ever and while I only was able to experience the shadows of evil map it still was an enjoyable if a bit stressful at times.

You don't have to play Black Ops 3 with friends as every mode can be tackled solo. This at the end of the day is subjective. I personally had a blast playing with friends.

At the end of the day Black ops 3 gives us a ton of content to tackle. While Call of Duty's quality may have been slipping over the past few years Black Ops 3 has raised the bar for the franchise once again. If you have not played a Call of Duty game for a while this one may be worth considering if you wanted to get back into the series.


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