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Perhaps one of the best things about modern gaming is the existence of mods, allowing gamers to further open up already expansive worlds and customize them in any way they wish, lending to a truly unique and individual gaming experience.

They also provide us with things we never knew we needed, such as the answer to the question: what happens when you combine Nintendo's massively iconic The Legend of Zeldafranchise with Bethesda's game changing Fallout 4?

Well thanks to the intrepid modding community (and Siliconera) we have the answer to that question, and it's pretty neat.

Pimp Your Pip Boy

The Pip Boy, the essential tool of the Vault Dweller. Without it how would we know if we're dying of radiation poisoning, have crippled limbs, or are at a high enough level to tangle with that Legendary Mythic Deathclaw we see on the horizon (hint: don't tangle with that Legendary Mythic Deathclaw).

And now, thanks to Maarten Wolfsen on Nexus Mods, you can give your best wrist buddy a sweet Legend of Zelda paint job with the Pipboy Legend of Zelda Mod.

The Master Sword

The ultimate weapon, the Blade of Evil's Bane, only able to be wielded by a hero chosen by the sword itself, the Master Sword is the iconic weapon of The Legend of Zelda series.

And now your Vault Dweller can be that hero, courtesy of ClockWyrck on Nexus Mods and their The Legend of Zelda Master Sword - Chinese Officer Sword Texture, which turns the Chinese Officer Sword into, that's right, the Master Sword. So grab yourself your finest green bathrobe and join the fray!

Ocarina of Time SFX

One of the most popular games of The Legend of Zelda series is the N64 / Gamecube / 3DS offering Ocarina of Time, which featured a now-iconic soundtrack by Koji Kondo and sound effects that still resonate within the minds of those who grew up alongside the series.

Nexus Mod's ImNotDexDex has given us something we never knew we needed, setting Fallout 4 to the SFX from Ocarina of Time. Whenever you slay an enemy you hear the familiar rupee *bleep* signifying that another mutated soul has been added to your kill list. Leveling up is notified via the item acquisition noise, so just imagine Link pulling a bobble head from a chest and holding it aloft.

Unfortunately the mod has now been removed by Nexus admins, but you can still check out a video of the SFX in action via Sweetest Taboo on YouTube.

Majora's Moon?

Finally, who hasn't been trekking across the night plains of post-war Massachusetts and wished to look up and see that goddamn creepy ass moon from the slightly-terrifying Majora's Mask?

Well, thanks again to Nexus Mods, user North has created a mod pack entitled Misc Moons which, quite simply, replaces the Fallout 4 moon with another image.

North's moon pack includes a number of Gravity Falls themed moons, and also The Legend of Zelda's terrifying moon which hangs above you like the worst omen ever as it threatens to crash down upon Termina... sorry, Boston.

Ya' know, when faced with that moon those Legendary Mythic Deathclaws don't seem so bad after all...


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