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So, did you like the new Star Wars flick? As a none fan, I sure did and I'm also very sure a lot of "real" fans hated it. Now, I've watched all of the movies and I've seen some of the cartoons and played some of the games but my emotional involvement can only go so far. I just can't feel the connection, it's like a blind date where you know the other person is nice and all but there's just no real spark, so you end up being friends. That's exactly how Star Wars is for me, a friendly ex-date.

Despite this reality, I actually enjoyed the franchise and like most of the fans I hated Episode I to III. Now, I never really figured out why, I never really cared about that alien called Jar Jar something or the poor acting from that guy who played Anakin Skywalker (whom I refuse to correctly address by his real name). Basically, after watching the supposed prequel I just got bored. The same feeling I get after watching a Michael Bay movie.

I never bothered to explore why I felt this way, I just moved on and went on with my Star Wars ignorant life. But right after Episode VII a "eureka" moment came to me and I finally understood why the prequels were so boring - There was no Han Solo.

Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford is a space smuggler turned rebel who helped the Skywalkers defeat the Empire. I have to say it was a blast seeing Ford in the galaxy once again flying the Millennium Falcon, but his presence was not just out of nostalgia, the character brought something else to the film, a piece of unforgettable humor.

Han and his partner Chewy always had this husband and wife bickering scenario which gave the very serious undertone and political storyline of Star Wars some breathing room. As a child who watched Episode IV to VI, I had no idea why Darth Vader wanted to destroy the galaxy and let alone convert his son to the Dark Side. Truthfully, I never really gave a f*ck. The 9 year old me was all about the space battle scenes, aliens, and Han and Chewy.

Acting as Chewy's translator, Han always had this witty sense of humor even in addressing some of Chewy's commentary. He also made a fool of everyone in the scenes he was in and his wit added a different tone to the epic space soap opera. Ford, in his own right carried the character to its eternal status which makes him deserving of that "50 times more" paycheck than the rest of his co-stars. I'm not even talking about his range and experience, I'm just talking about how he made Han Solo one of the most lovable characters in movie history.

The Han Solo element was lost during Episode I to III, there was no comic relief or anyone that could save the movie from its boring plot lines. Everyone in that prequel were either serious or just plain sad, it made the movie bland. Han Solo was the spice that made everything a lot nicer and bearable and now that he is again "supposedly" cut-off from the next two movies, how will the rest of the franchise survive? Let's just wait and see.


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