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There are fan theories, and then there are predictions about an upcoming superhero movie that are illustrated through 15 chapters and use 50 images or diagrams to fully explain.

The editor of a Brazilian fan site called TotalSpoiler only identified as “Rick” has broken down how the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie that will come out on March 25, 2016 is actually a continuation of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Not only is it a continuation of those movies, but Ben Affleck isn’t really Batman, he is the DC Comics character Deathstroke pretending to be Batman. Also, The Joker is actually Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character from The Dark Knight Rises, John Blake, after a brief stint as Robin and a battle with the Heath Ledger version of the Joker.

The argument’s basis in fact seem to be limited to a single point: Christopher Nolan was a producer on both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. The rest appears to be strung together by Rick, who obviously loves The Dark Knight trilogy of movies and has invested in them emotionally. Without having seen next year’s movie, Rick has compiled many pieces of “evidence” to support an entire narrative about how the so-called “Nolanverse” of movies extends to the new Warner Bros lineup of Justice League films. That even includes the return of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne not only for Batman v Superman in March, but for both parts of the Justice League movie.


If John Blake is the new Joker, that means Christian Bale was once Bruce Wayne, which means Ben Affleck cannot be. For some reason, switching out Joseph Gordon Levitt for Jared Leto is perfectly acceptable, but a new Bruce Wayne would be blasphemy. Instead, Rick devises a way for a different character to be under the cowel, Deathstroke, who once dressed up as Batman in a comic book. Not only did Deathstroke dress up like Batman, the cover on that issue looks like a still from the Batman v Superman teaser.

And — you guys — that same comic book cover had a question mark on it, just like there’s a question mark in a different still from the Batman v Superman teaser!

If this evidence isn’t making the entire thing crystal clear to you, it’s okay, there are thousands of words and many more helpful illustrations where Rick breaks it down for you, including some helpful timelines about how The Dark Knight, which seems to feature the first escalation from masked hero to masked villain ever in history, is followed by the Zack Snyder movies that also claim to be the first heroes of their universe.

The entire piece, which you can read here, is very convinced that the Batman v Superman teasers have been attempting to fool us through visual language into thinking that Ben Affleck is Bruce Wayne when really Christian Bale will show up as Batman and just use Deathstroke as a stand-in while he deals with other problems like Lex Luthor and Bizarro.

As far as crazy internet diatribes go, it’s an entertaining read. However, around the time Rick starts assuming that fan-made action figures are actually action figures for Batman v Superman, the theory starts to fall apart. It does win the award for craziest Batman movie theory on the internet, unless there’s one out there claiming Heath Ledger’s Joker is actually Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne.

"Ok hear me out. Maybe it's true. I could imagine Nolan/Snyder doing a very novel Riddler-like teaser for fans to guess at the storyline. I can hardly believe Nolan would do a straightforward Batman vs Superman movie. DC is in it to win it, stakes are high, they're going all in on a big hand.

This "decoy Batman" plot twist sounds like something Nolan usually does in his movies, as Rick says, Interstellar did have secret actors nobody saw coming. Matt Damon and now Ben Affleck. Cmon.. both these guys involved in being secret characters in Nolan's mind bending cinematic schemes is definitely a little suspicious.

But then why bother leaving clues behind that would spoil the surprise? Because they want us to follow the clues... interest in the film must build beforehand. But most of us are too lazy to follow anything. Then this post here from Rick pieces it all nicely for us.

Look at the comments, of course people dismiss this theory as garbage. It's so smart that it sounds completely insane without understanding it. Well, if i were to describe The Dark Knight, it would be... Joker robs bank,

I looked for clues in the batman V superman panel with the actors at SDCC :

Actor Ben Affleck drops hints that allude to this plot twist from 12:00 - He says he met Bale and his advice to him on being Batman was: "Make sure you don't piss in that suit" which MAY imply that Bale was giving him a friendly ribbing about just "borrowing" the suit, because Bale is still Batman (the big twist). He also looks unhappy he's not Batman because c'mon, everybody wants to be Batman.

Zack then says he put a zipper in it, meaning the suit, but could it also mean like could you not drop more hints about the plot twist?

But Ben also says the script is really smart, because if this theory is true, then it is indeed a brilliant piece of misdirection and a way to tie Nolans Dark Knight trilogy into this new bigger universe. Which, if I were DC, and wanting to pull away from Marvel (the competition) is what I would do. This misdirection is not a new trick. Terminator 2 made you think Robert Patrick was the human good guy. Marvel did it too with the Mandarin, who was also done similarly, tricking us into thinking we were going to see the real Mandarin with a decoy. DC would be doing it on a way bigger scale though, misdirection on the true identity of a character like Batman could turn the tide for DC taking the lead in the ultimate superhero showdown"

Batman vs Superman, or Bizarro vs Doomsday?

Just as nerds worldwide went nuts over the second debut of the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer back on December 2, there are no less voices of concern: Did Snyder and gang revealed just a tad too much about the film? Particularly now the whole world knows that Raphael... nay Doomsday will be around, what more is there to be hyped about?

It was not until nearly two days ago an article popped up in cosmicbooknews, detailing an "interview" with Patrick Tatopoulous, production designer of Batman vs Superman, by French magazine Première. According to the interview, Patrick Tatopoulous allegedly let loose a lot of spoiler-ific details about the Doomsday arch, namely:

Doomsday is an evolution, essentially (uh huh, no surprise here)

'Death of Superman' story is handled in a new way (so Supes will eventually bite the dust? Not that any new or old way to die will make a difference though...)

the curious character "v or versus" in the film's title carries a lot of levels to the meaning (and the meaning here is "versus", I presume? So by "a lot of levels", does it mean that Batman is versus-ing a lot of levels of Supes? Ahem...)

Supes isn't just killed off at the end of something (wow, you mean he suffers things worse thank being killed off?)

Supes "evolves" as part of Lex's plan to protect the world (Supes became Lex's sidekick?)

The Superman we know will be "GONE" (wait what?) and will be replaced with a "reproduction" (so Lex can just randomly "reproduces" Supermen as if he has a superhero 3D printer?)

And this one final part is most intriguing: Lex created Superman from Zod, and somehow it "involved" into Doomsday!

Now before your jaws drop (although I assume you, a nerd like me, should have already fixed your jaws back two days ago), the original cosmicbooknews article was updated with a tweeter feed from the Première, that the magazine actually never interviewed Patrick Tatopoulous:

So, take this story with a lot of salts if you wish, but I find the details given here are pretty valid. What can I do? I'm a hopeless theorist.

Now before you move further, the article below, though pure speculation speculated by some dude living his life speculating on the speculations, be warned that it MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS (nah...!) So if you won't want to continue, please visit Wikipedia for your viewing pleasures.

So here goes my wild guesses:

I. Doomsday is created from Zod!

This, though, is pretty obvious. If it wasn't directly a reanimated Zod, it should somehow be related to genetic informations from Zod. Then again, there might be clues supporting the hypothesis (okay, not theory) that Doomsday is, in fact, Zombie Zod (Superman characters tend to get double-initial names, such as Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, so I guess Zombie Zod is legit.)

Also, when Michael Shannon so famously spoken about his flipper hands back in August, it could be a costume for Doomsday, since a random rumor (indeed, there are so many of such rumors that we need Kryptonian computer to keep track, so excuse me for not quoting its source, but you as a nerd, must've seen it somewhere) told of a fight between Wonder Woman and Doomsday, where Wondy severed Doomy's hand, only to have him grow a blade out of the wound. So, could the flipper prosthetic be a dummy tracker for the CGI blade later?

II. Bizarro is in the film!

Bizarro, in many of his incarnations, is associated with an origin story that involves Lex Luthor trying to clone Superman. In the recent New 52 incarnation, Lex even bonded quite a bit with this creation of his. So what if, in this latest DCEU offering, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actually features a Bizarro as Lex's muscle? Of course, the hypothesis (okay I used hypothesis a lot, but it actually means "speculation," I assume you all know right?) isn't new as there have been numerous writings in this site alone that detailed a Bizarro scenario.

However, what are the hints or clues that legitimates such a conjecture? My assumptions are:

Method: Lex created Bizarro with certain connection to Supes' and Zod's DNA, and the help of the Genesis Chamber.

Rationales: Bizarro was created for 1) smear campaigns against Superman, as well as 2) Lex's super henchman/bodyguard. Hey, it is rumored that Lex is dealing with a lot of super/metahuman experiments in Cadmus, so aside from the beautiful Mercy Graves and the rumored KGBeast, he should need more, uh, muscles, for reassurance, right?

Supporting Clues: Earlier on one of the connecting dots of a Bizarro hypothesis is what Supes appears in the desert scene, where he looks awful lot like the version of tyranny Supes in Superman: The Red Son. However this "knightmare" sequence is now largely debunked by none other than Michael Wilkinson, the maestro behind Batman vs Superman costume design.

Also this famous scene from first Batman vs Superman trailer (I'm kinda guessing that both Supes in these two pictures are from a same sequence):

This Supes sure doesn't look like someone that'll utter the words "Stay down, if I wanted it, you'd be dead already." He doesn't look hesitant one bit to incinerate poor old Bats with his super-charged heat vision.

Another set of supporting clues would be Supes' interaction with Lex Luthor:

Why did Supes bow to Lex? Why did he look all cool when Lex said "Man wouldn't kill god, but devil will do it"? If he is indeed the genuine Superman, doesn't this mean killing him? Mind control feels campy, so I tend not to assume DC would head down that road. How about Lex having a leverage like kidnapping Ma Kent? That could be, but might I suggest another explanation: This version of Supes is what we see blasting old Bats with his crazy heat vision -- Bizarro!

Finally, Bizarro's appearance also makes sense in a few more ways:

Firstly, this lends credential to the claim that the word "v or versus" in the movie title carries a few levels of meanings, where Batman actually fights at least two versions of Superman: The real one, the one that's going to spare him in his armored suit, and another pirated version created by Lex Luthor, originally intended for smearing campaign against Superman and serves as his super-powered henchman.

Secondly, this is pure speculation: What if the Superman who dies in Doomsday's hand, is Bizarro? Thus, the story line of "Doomsday kills Superman" stands, and handled "in a new way". How Bizarro dies, however, may not be heroic, but rather serves as a "benchmark" of how powerful Doomsday is, by showing how Doomsday kicked his bizarre ass in a whiz!

Now, speaking of the revelation of Doomsday in the trailer is spoiling the movie too much...

III. Doomsday is not the only bad guy in final act!

The fact that even if Patrick Tatopoulous claimed that Doomsday isn't "just" the final act, he did not necessarily mean that Doomsday is not featured in the final act. It can mean that Doomsday appears maybe before the final act, and his story stretches over a few arches, until finally culminating a final act. Also, with the leaking of a Lego box detailing Lex Luthor with his curiously green helicopter and the Trinity is going after him (with poor Lois hanging below the chopper), the final act mayhem might not be Doomsday alone.

We'll see how the news goes. In the mean time, sit back and relax, while fantasize on more crazy theories of the first extravaganza adventure of our favorite Superheroes!

Do you think Doomsday is not the final act of Batman v Superman?


We have seen the official trailer; we have seen the first looks. However, one question that still remains unanswered is who could the villain of the movie be? Early reports suggested that it is Doomsday, “Superman“’s primary enemy who will be the antagonist in the movie. But a new report suggests that he is not.

According to Movie Pilot, for all those who think Doomsday is the antagonist in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” think again. There are a couple of reasons that prove that there is one such enemy of Superman who could fit in as a better antagonist than Doomsday. For all those who are aware, Lex Luthor was hell bent on destroying Superman and would go to any extent to do so. He had also quite successfully cloned Superman aka Bizzaro, who was more like a mirror image to Superman. With the portrayal of the character that was shown in the “Superman” animated series, it also tells you that he was neither bright nor had any good intentions. There are a couple of other theories to support this claim.

Firstly with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman a part of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” introducing Doomsday will be too much for just three heroes to handle. It will actually need a “Justice League” to take the monster down.

Secondly, it would be hard to imagine that Doomsday was created from General Zod. Bizarro, on the other hand, looks like a character that could have been created using Zod’s DNA or body since the specifications quite match each other. The one person who can actually pull something like this is none other than Lex Luthor who would want to create a creature who is someone like Superman and who could actually stand in a battle with him. Thirdly, the heat vision that Batman escapes from in the trailer, it looks more like something that Bizarro can create.

Finally, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is heard mentioning, “The Red Capes are coming!” Other than Superman himself, it is only Bizarro who wears a red cape, so it only consolidates the theory.

Whoever the villain in the movie be, it is finally good to see DC Cinematic Universe taking shape and the excitement and response surrounding “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” proves just that. The movie is set to release on March 23, 2016.

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