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The indie horror insta-classic hit-makers The Asylum Studios (Sharnado, Z-Nation) bring to you the next best horror franchise to sink your snarling bloody fangs into. The old time fairytale that already displayed an odd sense of horror humor, has now been amped up to a whole nother level with an inanely cool new concept in "Little Dead Rotting Hood" the movie!

Little Dead Rotting Hood: movie poster
Little Dead Rotting Hood: movie poster

Little Dead Rotting Hood is directed by Jared Cohn, Written by: screenwriter/producer Gabriel Campisi who has been working simultaneously in motion picture and television production, reciving numerous awards for his works as an independent writer, director and producer. Little Dead Rotting Hood comes from the original concept/artwork created by Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith.

Starring: Eric Balfour, Bianca A. Santos, Patrick Muldoon, Romeo Miller, Heather Tom and sci-fi cult queen Marina Sirtis!

What happens when the residents in town start to get attacked and killed by wild wolves from the dense and dangerous forest? Why they need a hero to save them of course, and who better to do that job then the one with the red cloak, the now defunct and zombified Little Dead Rotting Hood. With the mystical powers bestowed upon her, she must find out where she belongs in the massive conspiracies between man, legends and the horrifying true facts. We live in a world of werewolves!

I had an exhilaratingly good time watching and enjoying the deeply thought-out twists and turns to the one time childhood story. It doesn't take long at all to be thrust upon the violent action and meaning of where and who gives our Little Dead Rotting Hood her powers but the journey to find out who is the real evil in town, is where this movie really separates itself from a lot of satire that The Asylum Studios is mostly known for. I love me some Z-Nation but you will find none of that kind of cheese-factor (as I like to call it) in this film.

Horror movies very often come down to a few major factors, foremost; Is it cinematicly scary? Is it grossly entertaining? Does it have an good engaging plot? Do the actors and lines stay seriously within the realms they play in?

I'll get right to the main question, does it look fake? First off, the film makers used REAL wolves during the filming and that is very evident throughout and adds a great element of realism to a werewolf movie. Most of the movie is filled with great looking practice effects, so CGI was very limited. When CGI was used for the main werewolf, I found it to be very well done. A lot better then some major motion picture from the 90's I wont mention. For the amount that was probably used to make, this movie got outstanding production value. It may sound silly but for someone who watching a ton of movies, I really had to appreciate the mind-blowing cinematic landscape and filming used for what is called a low-budget Indie horror film. Transitioning from scene to scene and locations is not as easy as it sounds and Jared Cohn did something here that even I had to take notice of.

The acting is very well done from a fabulously well put together cast of newcomers and screen veterans. Eric Balfour (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is the glue that holds the whole cast together in this film. Balfour has made huge leaps and bounds from his humble start in Hollywood to become the clear-cut leader. Patrick Muldoon (who I used to watch a lot on Days of Our Lives, because of my wife), is a complete riot in this movie and I'm so happy to see him on top of his acting game. New comers to some people, but actors with plenty of actual good screen-time roles are, Bianca A. Santos and Romeo Miller. Bianca is an actress, known for her strong roles in The DUFF (2015), Ouija (2014) and Dream Americano (2015). Romeo Miller (Master P's son) has been acting since he was a child star in the movie Honey (2003) along side Jessica Alba. Both pull off good performances that get better as the films story and intense action progresses. Marina Sirtis of course is a legend in the entertainment field and is not known for her horror roles, this movie will change all that.

As far as horrors go, It's far better then Sharknado and some major studio horrors I've seen, but will get knocked by those that take their horror a bit too seriously. Little Dead Rotting Hood is more about setting the groundwork for a lot of really interesting possibilities in the near future for her and I think fans will really love where it will lead. It is a movie I strongly feel fans should at least give a chance and see for themselves, if they love her or not.

Little Dead Rotting Hood movie poster
Little Dead Rotting Hood movie poster

Little Dead Rotting Hood goes far deeper then any kind of attempts at creating a cult classic werewolf franchise. This movie does that with some very surprising cliffhangers that can lead into more movies, TV and of course the comics book world. Not the normal path for a comic art inspired film to go - from film and then on to comics - but I'm pretty sure the creators will take it. Information on how to get the extremely limited (to 100 copies only) BIG BAD Sketchbook for Little Dead Rotting Hood with artwork by co-creators Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith, is provided at the bottom.

Official Trailer: "Little Dead Rotting Hood"

90 min | Horror | 5 January 2016 (USA)

How to get your hands on the VERY LIMITED edition Little Red Rotting Hood official comic sketchbook!


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