ByJason Collett, writer at

Let's not forget Harrison is one of the very most celebrated movie stars in modern cinema. He first graced the silver screen in the early seventies making this his fifth decade as a phenomenon.

Admittedly he hasn't always been at the top of his game. His acting choices have often fallen short of the mark. So it seems his name alone does not guarantee box office success.

Movie goers much prefer him in an action role. His stints as Indiana Jones and Han Solo are legendary.

The total receipts from Star Wars (1977) to present day will have surpassed 3 or 4 billion. It's hard to think of any other actor who has delivered on such a scale.

The Force Awakens is currently wowing audiences all around the world. In most part people are keen to learn about the new story also to check out the stunning special FX. Then there's many like me who is eager to see Harrison back in one of his iconic roles that made him such a global movie star.

So please judge for yourselves whether he is deserving of such a large salary.


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