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Dad?  Nope, I don't think it is.....
Dad? Nope, I don't think it is.....

There are many theories that a rising up from the new Star Wars Movie, the Force Awakens. I loved the movie, and have an idea of who Rey's father might be. Many people want to point to Luke or to Han, but no one is thinking outside of major characters. Who wasn't in the new movie who fans love, and might have dropped Rey off to keep her safe?

First, I think Rey was there when Kylo Ren destroyed the new Jedi. She survived and was brought to Jakku on Luke's orders, not by Luke. She was brought by Lor San Tekka so he could watch her for Luke. Her father, being a leader in the Rebel movement for years, trusted her to Luke, and Luke saved her from Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. Lor San Tekka would have known Leia and her father, and would have played the Obi Wan role of watching her from afar.

So, who is Rey's dad? Well, we saw him as a doll, and we saw possibly his helmet, or a helmet that reminded Rey of her father and why she kept it with her on Jakku. Rey's Dad is.......

Here I am Rey, here's Daddy!
Here I am Rey, here's Daddy!

Rey's father is Wedge Antilles, the great fighter pilot from the Rogue Squadron. This is why she has the helmet, although I don't think it is his. I think she found it on Jakku and it reminded her of the only memories of her father. She also made a doll when she was young, and dressed it as the man she remembered before she left to train with Luke as a Jedi.

Remember, your parents don't have to be Jedi or even Force sensitive for you to be able to wield the Force. This might also explain where Wedge is (since Denis Lawson didn't want to be in the movie). They might have had him die fighting the First Order. This would explain why Rey is such a great pilot from the start, and why Han and Leia look at her the way that they do. Maybe hiding her was part of the plan. Han offered her a job only because he realized that Wedge was not coming back, and he must have figured that Lor was gone, and there was no one to watch the last hope of the Jedi after his son destroyed them all.

Also, look at Rey, she kinda looks like Wedge. She looks more like him than she does Luke or Han. We also don't know who her mother is? Was it explained in Aftermath? Or the next book in the series? It would be a twist, but not as huge as if she is a Skywalker.

If she was related to Kylo, he would sensed it. But it does seem that she if familiar to him. Maybe he realized a girl escaped. He also realized how strong she was, and wanted her to join him so he could become the overall leader in the First Order.

Not related to Rey?  I don't think he is.....
Not related to Rey? I don't think he is.....

It is a long shot, but I think a possible theory. Of course, we might not even know Rey's father, but the links to the X-Wings makes me think she has that deep within her thoughts.

This is my first writing on Moviepilot, so tell me what you think? Could Rey be the daughter of Wedge Antilles? Only time will tell.....


Who is Rey's Father?


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