ByCliff Record, writer at

- when Rey is shackled to the interrogation chair. Kylo removes his helmet and drives it into the ashes of his grandfather

- now when the Falcon goes hyperspace, it does so through a wormhole. Not as much stars flying by like previous movies

- in Rey's vision, Luke touching R2 with red hot embers floating by, does that place them at the first invasion of Kylo where the encampment was scorched? That's where Poe got that flash drive map doohickey.

- the gas masks worn by Rey and friends were the one used in Empire when the Falcon was in the belly of the beast

- Kylo is named after Ben Obi-wan Kenobi

- Supreme Leader Snoke is a hologram...maybe a Wizard of Oz thing going on here...

- x-wings don't seem to be bright white anymore. Darker for camoflouge?

- one of Rey's visions, Kylo Ren has an extra lightsaber in his other hand in the rainy scene of The Knights of Ren

- Capt. Plasma seems to walk heavier than all other RoboCop


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