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How Star Wars: The Force Awakens SHOULD have ended

This is a pseudo "spoiler review" of sorts. This is what I would have LOVED to have seen at the end of "Force Awakens". Obviously, I think this would have been SPECTACULAR.. I will not go into too intricate of detail, because I must assume you (the reader) have already seen the movie. I’ll take creative license in presuming that you are familiar with the situations that will be revealed and are fully aware of the characters and surroundings. Let me know what you think:

Everything in the movie is the same up and until the forest battle scene between Rey and Kylo Ren..the movie portrays Rey as being able to best Kylo Ren even though she has no training in the force and has never encountered a lightsaber (until this battle), so now we revert to what I would foresee as an ultimate perfect ending…..

……the scene opens with Kylo Ren and Rey deep in battle against each other, though Kylo Ren (a person who has been TRAINED in the Force “presumably” by Snoke AND Luke Skywalker himself), is proving that Rey (a person who has had no prior knowledge of the force and has never encountered a “soldier” such as Ren), is no match whatsoever for his powers….

The one sided battle rages on as Kylo Ren toys with Rey and rejoices in her meek attempt to overthrow him. Kylo Ren laughs tauntingly, moving in towards Rey, methodically, slowly, almost teasingly, like a cat tormenting a mouse. “Your surrender is inevitable Rey. Join me in the Dark Side, I can teach you power beyond belief, together we will be indestructable”. Rey, who has been brought to her knees before Kylo Ren, feebly attempts to use the lightsaber in her hands to block a blow…the only sound to be heard from her is a pained grunt...her saber is knocked forcibly from her hands by Kylo Ren’s use of the Force; it flies helplessly into the distance.

Kylo Ren extends his lightsaber, the glowing blade is within inches from the side of Rey’s face….her eyes widen, her fear is palpable….Kylo Ren’s eyes only reflect darkness and death as he leans closer to her and harshly whispers….”If you will not join me, then you will die”…

In that moment Kylo Ren, “senses something", and quickly turns around seeking out the source of the energy he feels. His gaze moves up towards the sky… there, an ominous ship hovers, no sound can be heard but waves of energy are exuding forth from the ship, he takes a step back in reflex. The mysterious ship’s hull slowly opens and a bright, almost blinding light spills forth from it as it hovers. With lightning speed a large, dark figure swoops down from the ship and lands with a hard thud behind Ren who twists around to face this new threat. The ground trembles, dirt and dust swirl up and around the darkly cloaked figure. The haze quickly clears and standing there is a hooded figure cloaked in a jet black robe, black gloves and red and silver armored boots. Ren cannot see the face as the head is bent forward and completely covered by the hood. Ren holds his lightsaber in front of him, not able to “read” this person, his mind searches and all he sees in his mind is a black emptiness.

The hooded figure raises its head; as long fingered hands reach up and simultaneously push back the hood. To Ren’s shock, before him stands a Woman. She towers over him. Unable to help himself, Ren takes another step back, his eyes taking in the woman standing before him. Her feet are encased in black metal boots with metallic silver armor, the fronts and side lined with red. The armor encases her legs up to her knees, and then he sees some type of black mesh material encasing her from the knees up. Around her leg is the bottom of her holster strap, a chrome plated cover for her lightsaber. Above that is a metallic reflective silver belt which holds another holster for a second Lightsaber on her opposite hip.

Her abdomen and arms are exposed, muscles rippling on both. She is wearing a Jedi-like black cloth shirt/covering. Her exposed arms are a canvas for Jedi names emblazoned there (like tattoos); the names Ren can see as his gaze travels from the bottom up are “Qui Gon, Mace, Yoda, Obi Wan, Padme, Anakin, Luke, Leia, Han, Ben, Luka”..on her neck we see: “Skywalker, SOLO”. On her left arm, more names can be read from the bottom up, “Plagueis, Maul, Tyrannus, Sidious, Vader”.

Kylo Ren senses that she is extremely powerful. She reaches across her chest with her right hand and takes her Lightsaber from the left holster. It lights very slowly..first green, then red at the top. A multicolored lightsaber! Kylo Ren’s eyes widen, the skin on his neck prickling as he senses the danger he is in.

He recognizes her, she is his estranged sister! He had heard rumors that she had gone with Luke when Luke disappeared and from what he could see and “feel”, she had been trained well…power exuded from her, the likes of what he had never encountered before.

Kylo Ren let’s out a loud yell and lashes out towards her. The Jedi knight slowly raises her left hand and stops Ren in his tracks. She raises her hand and Ren is lifted into the air..struggling. The Jedi gestures with her lightsaber towards Ren’s and his lightsaber flies from his hand and drops effortlessly onto the ground next to her.

The Jedi pulls Ren towards her, he floats up slowly over to hang in the air in front of her. She makes a violent gesture with her hand and renders Ren unconscious. She then easily uses the force to throw him. He lands hard against a tree, collapsing into an unconscious slump.

The Jedi stares forward, and then looks to the side and down to see Rey still lying on the ground in a fetal position, trembling in fear. The Jedi holds out her hand. Rey gingerly reaches up and grabs hold. The Jedi pulls Rey up as if Rey weighs nothing.

The Jedi walks over to Finn and picks him up. She gestures for Rey to come close and hold onto her. The Jedi looks up towards the ship above, carrying Finn and with Rey holding onto her, her arms around the Jedi’s neck, the Jedi jumps 30 feet into the air and into the open hull of the still-hovering craft.

The Jedi lays Finn down and motions for Rey to move back. The Jedi then jumps back out of the craft and within moments is back with Kylo Ren slung over her shoulder, still unconscious.

The hull closes and the craft takes off, returning to the site where Han Solo was killed by Ren…Rey and the Jedi walk toward the bridge where Han had fallen. Once on the bridge, the Jedi looks down as if seeking something in the darkness below them. She stops suddenly and leaps purposely off of the bridge into the abyss below. Rey looks after the Jedi’s disappearing figure in horror, the darkness seems to swallow the Jedi up and Rey looks feverishly into the abyss searching for some sign of life below.

Minutes go by, then suddenly Rey sees the Jedi floating up like a specter, tenderly holding Han Solo...the Jedi’s both arms.

..I know this is not Han Solo (duhh)..
..I know this is not Han Solo (duhh)..

The craft lands at the Resistance Base, the hull opens and the Jedi walks down the ramp, holding her father in her arms. As she walks past Resistance Fighters, they stare in awe as she is extraordinary in her presence.

She hands her father off to resistance attendants and walks with the stride of a warrior towards her mother, General Leia. She towers over Leia as she reaches her.

The Jedi looks at her mother and bows her head in guilt and sadness. Leia holds her daughter’s chin up, kisses her own hand and places it on her daughter’s lips…as if to say “I understand. There was nothing you could have..or SHOULD HAVE done to stop the inevitable.”

The Jedi in response raises her right gloved hand and balls it into a fist. Leia, grasps her daughter’s hand as if to say “No. Anger is the path to the dark side.”

Leia then looks over toward Rey, who has been standing near watching this interaction. Leia then looks back toward the Jedi. The Jedi stares into her mother’s eyes for a moment, and then looks towards Rey and nods, acknowledging that she and Rey must now depart.

They are now in the Millennium Falcon. Rey is piloting nervously. Chewbacca is in the co-pilot’s chair. The Jedi is seated further back with R2D2, her face in shadow, covered by her hood and her arms are folded in front of her.

They reach the “Island” and depart the ship.

The Jedi holds her arms down and with the force raises herself from the ground. She turns toward Rey facing her and “floats” backwards toward the long stone staircase. Rey follows as the Jedi stares at her and continues to float backwards in front of her.

As they reach the top of the stone staircase, the Jedi turns to the side and floats back as if making way for Rey to pass. Rey sees a cloaked figure standing near the cliff facing away from her. The cloaked figure turns, and she realizes that before her is Luke Skywalker.

Rey is dumbfounded. The Jedi floats back down to stand on the ground and gestures to Rey, that she “has something” for her Master Luke.

Rey, trembling, takes the lightsaber and holds it towards Luke.

The Jedi moves her hand as if to say “turn it around.” Rey, seeing the obvious mistake, turns the lightsaber in a non-threatening manner.

Luke stares at Rey, seeing the girl is petrified, he offers her a slight reassuring smile. He then turns his eyes towards his apprentice, the daughter of Han and Leia. She folds her arms and nods once in acknowledgement that she is now a fully trained Jedi. They are Master and Apprentice.

Luke turns his gaze back to Rey, his eyes warm and welcoming. Rey’s trembling immediately subsides…she knows she is “home”.


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