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"The Force Awakens" Spoiler Alert!!!

If you haven't seen the new Star Wars movie please come back later.

So "The Force Awakens" landed last Friday and it was a great movie. It has some mistakes but as CinemaSins says "No movie is without sin".

The one thing thing Abrams nailed where the Stormtroopers. They were awesome. Sure you might say that they still were terrible shots. But that's how movies work the unnamed villains can't hit the main character or the movie would end in the first half hour. Here are the reasons the First Order Stormtroopers are awesome:

1. Training and mind control.

In the original trilogy Stormtroopers are nameless, disposable soldiers with minimal skills (even though in the Legends (old EU) Stormtroopers are an elite unit). In the new movie they have better training as shown by this awesome riot control trooper.

They also aren't mindless troops that will obey any order NO QUESTIONS ASKED even if they know they will die. Now Stormtroopers actually care about their lives as shown by the two troops that turn around and walk away when they hear Kylo Ren screaming and slashing with his lightsaber.

2. Daniel Craig's cameo.

If you didn't know the actor who portrayed James Bond was a Stormtrooper in "The Force Awakens" and it wasn't just a random troop. He played the soldier who got mind tricked by Rey, let her go and left the cell open leaving his blaster behind. I think Daniel played his role perfectly.

3. The armor.

When Disney first released an image of the new Stormtrooper I had mixed feelings but after time I actually started liking the design.

4. Armor variants.

There are a few variants of Stormtrooper armor:



-megablaster heavy assault


-riot control.

Those are the reasons why I like the Stormtroopers in Episode VII.


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how the Wilhelm Scream was confirmed since it was used in the trailer in a scene where a command deck explodes. In the movie we find out the exploded place is a hangar command center. It gets blown up buy Poe and Finn. However we don't hear the Wilhelm Scream. Instead we here the famous sound effect a couple seconds earlier during one of the many explosions in the actual hangar.


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