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We all know the story. King and queen are happy. Kingdom is happy. Baby is born. Jealous uncle kills king, frames child, and rules the kingdom until child, grown up, comes back and murders uncle, reclaiming throne and a nice piece of lioness tail.

Sounds like something from Game of Thrones when you hear it that way, doesn't in? Just with no incest...that we know of.

But have you really sat down and thought about the true death count in The Lion King?

The major deaths, of course, are Mufasa-

Body count: 1

And the main butthead, Scar-

Body count: 2

This is where we think the death toll stops. But hang onto your childhoods.

In Scar's death scene, we can assume a crapload of hyenas died during/after they were done eating Scar, since they looked to be overtaken by the fire-

So what, maybe a dozen or so hyenas, maybe? Let's say 12, just for S&G.

Body count: 14

Let's rewind a bit, shall we? To the baby dedication (is that what you call it?) scene. Look at all those loyal subjects!

Or shall we say, food?

You heard Sarabi tell Scar before the final fight that there was no food left, that the herds have moved on. But with all those hyenas, I'm pretty sure all the subj...I mean food, was decimated before the rest of the herds could move on.

So that might add a few hundred more.

How does it feel to know that one of your favorite, beloved movies from your childhood...was a bloodbath!

As a bonus, here's a “deleted scene” with kind of a funny little death, funny being used loosely, of course-


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