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It's no secret that some of the best beauty tips and tricks come straight from Hollywood. Celebs have the best access to the best makeup artists and dermatologists in the world. If you want to get gorgeous, then mimic the beauty habits of these ten fabulous stars.

1. Make Like Karlie Kloss And Ditch The Blow-Dryer

Supermodel Karlie Kloss knows how to keep her hair healthy. When she isn't doing a runway show or posing for a glamorous editorial, she ditches the blow-dryer and lets her hair dry naturally. While blow-drying is okay for special occasions, the more you do it, the more you'll dry out your hair. If you aren't going anywhere special, let your hair dry naturally to keep it healthy.

2. Do Like Taylor Swift And Don't Overdo A Red Lip

Taylor Swift really set the trend when she debuted her signature black eyeliner and red lip look a few years ago. Taylor swears by never matching heavy eye makeup with a dramatic eye. Instead, she just goes with a simple swipe of black eyeliner and allows the focus to be on her bold lip color.

3. Copy Beyonce's Anti-Aging Body Routine

We all want a body like Beyonce, which is why so many of us look to her for workout and fitness inspiration. However, it isn't just dance routines that keep Beyonce looking hot from head to toe. The diva keeps her body skin looking gorgeous by using face brushes and some creams as all-over anti-aging solution. You don't have to use a pricy department store moisturizer. Instead, pick up an anti-aging moisturizer at the drugstore to copy this trick.

4. Get Shiny Locks Like Kourtney Kardashian

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star swears by using organic virgin coconut oil to add shine to her hair. Using just a tiny bit, warmed up between your palms, work the oil throughout your hair as a final step in your styling routine.

5. Use Vaseline To Seal Your Skin Care Products Like Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is one of the biggest proponents of Vaseline as an all-over beauty solution. One of the Tyra's favorite ways to use Vaseline is by patting a small amount all over her face as a final step in her nightly skin care routine, to seal in all of her serums and moisturizers. It might sound crazy, but beauty writers who've tried it swear that it actually works.

6. Steal Adele's Sheet Mask Habit

Sheet masks are relatively new to the world of Western beauty, but they've been a staple in Korean and Japanese women's skin care regimens for years. Unlike wash-off masks, sheet masks put hydration and glow-inducing ingredients into the skin instead of drying the skin out. Adele is a big fan of sheet masks and has been known to post selfies of her masked face on Instagram.

7. Take Katy Perry's Pledge To Never Sleep In Her Makeup

Katy Perry has been excruciatingly honest about her past struggles with acne. To keep her skin healthy and glowing, Katy makes a point to never, ever fall asleep with her makeup on. When you go to sleep with a clean face, your pores can breathe and won't become clogged, which is what causes breakouts.

8. Copy Kristen Stewart's Aversion To The Uncomfortable

In the world of beauty blogs and makeup videos, there are tons of trends that seem to come and go on a weekly basis. However, the stylish Kristen Stewart feels that the secret to being confident is feeling comfortable. For this reason, the actress avoids any beauty trend that she doesn't feel fully comfortable wearing. If you aren't comfortable with orange lipstick or neon eyeliner, then do like Kristen and don't bother. True beauty comes from how you feel inside.

9. Emulate Gal Gadot and Wash With Oil Cleansers

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, swears by washing her face with oil cleansers. Much like sheet masks, this is another Asian invention that is quickly making its way to the States. The idea behind oil cleansers is that like attracts like, so oil will suck up dirt, makeup and grime like a magnet. Don't worry - they're safe for acne-prone and oily skin types.

10. Copy Lady Gaga and Keep Tape In Your Makeup Kit

A little bit of scotch tape can be a lifesaver when you're doing a dramatic, smokey or glittery eye makeup look - just ask Lady Gaga. The pop star turned actress uses scotch tape to pick up any powder or glitter that falls onto her cheeks when she's applying her eye makeup. You can also use tape to create a guiding line when you're doing a dramatic cat eye makeup look.

If you follow these ten stars' tips, you're sure to keep your skin and hair looking glowing and radiant.


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