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The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is almost upon us and many people are excited to see their favorite superheroes, Batman and Superman, duke it out to see who is the strongest.

While many things were said about casting choices, character portrayal and of course the trailers, one of the most shrouded things in the BvS movie, is the Aquaman cameo. Aquaman was always a very underrated superhero for DC, with many people considering him weak, ridiculous and incompetent. Let's not forget his Batman: The Brave and The Bold and his RoboChicken parody appearances.

Yet why so much hate?

The answer is simple: People don't know Aquaman.

Most people only know that Aquaman will be portrayed in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) by the ass-kicking machine of Jason Mamoa of Game of Thrones (Khal Drogo) fame.

And that's why let's dive into 10 facts you might not know about Aquaman:

10. Originally, he was raised by Dolphins

Most people are familiar with the, by now classic, story of an Atlantean Queen having a child with a human, that kid growing up to become Aquaman and then becoming the King of Atlantis. Well during the Silver Age when Aquaman debuted on Earth-1 things went a little different. While he still was the son of an Atlantean Queen, he was sired by a wizard, and instead of being raised by humans he was left to die on a place called Mercy Reef. There he was found by a group of dolphins. These dolphins raised him into his adulthood until his adopted dolphin mum (which was a Queen of Dolphins by the way) decided he had to spend some time with humans, sending him away. But the reason for that leads me to the next point.

9. His first love was a dolphin

Now we are stepping on the reasons why Aquaman was ridiculed his whole existence. While many Superheroes have love interests, Aquaman writers decided to be a little bit more original. They decided that Arthur's first love would be a Dolphin called Nera (a subtle coincidence that her name is similar to his later wife). The relationship had to end though when Aquaman's adopted brother (a dolphin as well) started to compete with him for her affection. As people might expect neither the readers, nor the readers' parents would liked that storyline and so the writers and his adopted mum decided to send him off to live with humans, to seek healthier relationships. And yes the dolphin in the photo is her. Don't fret though all of this is erased from continuity by now.

8. He is stronger than you think

Every superhero is always attributed with his most prominent ability or superpower. Superman for his strength and flight, Flash for his speed, Batman for his cunning, etc. Well Arthur is famous for talking to fish. And while he is not exactly "talking" to fish he has a number of other superpowers. In truth, Aquaman is a beast, sporting telepathic control over sea creatures, superhuman strength, stamina and durability, enhanced senses (namely smell and hearing), enhanced speed, enhanced reflexes. His Atlantean physiology makes him bulletproof and a master swimmer, his time as the King of Atlantis taught him leadership skills and made him a master tactician. But his most important ability is his use of the Trident of Neptune. This Trident possesses the "power of all Atlantis". Being of magical origins it can harm the strongest of foes, including Superman, it has control over seas and oceans and is near indestructible. This was the weapon that pierced Darkseid's eye.

7. He was a diplomat, working with the United Nations

It is common knowledge that Aquaman is the King of Atlantis. What is not, is that he was working with the United Nations. After a disastrous war between Atlantis and a surface world country, Aquaman had to become the representative of Atlantis on the United Nations as a sign of good will between the two worlds. While working at this position he nearly opened Atlantis to becoming a full member of the United Nations. Yet this was not his only work with the international community. Later in his life, after his abdication of the Throne, he became a liaison for Atlantis to ensure welfare and security between the two worlds.

6. He does NOT talk to fish

As mentioned in a previous point, he doesn't talk to fish. This misconception must end. Instead, as explained by Aquaman himself, he has telepathic control over sea life. The brains of most sea creatures are way too primitive to acknowledge any type of speech, so to compensate Aquaman uses his telepathy to navigate and order a sea creature to do his biding. While this sounds like slavery, this is actually a symbiotic relationship, the sea life helps Aquaman fight off his enemies and he in turn protects the sea life.

5. Aquaman almost started playing Magic the Gathering

As seen in the photo above, Aquaman considered taking up Magic the Gathering. Later in the comic, Aquaman comments on how useful would it be to have the experience of a MTG playing at fighting monsters lamenting how bad a decision it was to not start the card game. So next time guys, don't say no to a card game, you never know when you might need the skill set to fight off sea monsters.

4. He acquired the power of Poseidon

During a storyline in which Aquaman had to fight an alternate world Atlantis, he was given the Trident of Poseidon from Poseidon himself. This Trident is different from the aforementioned in the context of power and abilities.
Now you'd say: "Another Trident huh? What's the big deal?" Well mainly that this Trident makes him nearly Godlike. The Trident of Poseidon gives Arthur the ability to control not only the seas and oceans but also rain, storms, thunder, wind, earthquakes, seismic activity, it provides him with aqua-kinesis and even flight and teleportation. The Trident can also transform into a dagger or a sword on command, making it heavily versatile in close combat. The downside? He can be tracked by other gods of Olympus namely Wonder Woman.
(I know this one should have been included into the point about powers but the ability change was so radical I had to include it separately)

3. He exists in the Spongebob Universe, kinda...

Can you see the resemblance? Well as it seems the Mermaid-Man and the Barnacle-Boy from Spongebob are a parody of Aquaman and Aqualad. You can notice the similarity of the outfits. Aquaman and Mermaid-Man have green spandex and yellow shirts and both Aqualad and Barnacle-Boy have red shirts and shorts. Coincidently Mermaid-Man's greatest enemy, the Manray, is a man in a full aquatic suit, which could be a parody of Black Manta.

2. Aquaman is the King of the biggest country in the world

Forget about the Russian Federation taking up that spot. In the DC Universe the biggest country in the world is Atlantis. The domain of Atlantis is not just a small city-state or a small continent off the coast of Portugal. In the DCU the domain of Atlantis are the five oceans and the seven seas, which of course makes Atlantis the largest state in the world with a total surface area covered of approximately 361,900,000 km2. Arthur is the King of a state so big, it is twice as large as the rest of the world combined.

Putting that into perspective, the moon's total surface is about 44.000.000 km2 which makes Atlantis literally nine times bigger than the moon.

1. He is not the King anymore

Truth be told, during his seventy years of existence, Aquaman has abdicated, lost and been exiled from his throne. He might have spent more time, losing his power as a King rather than holding it. His most recent return was due to the events of the Throne of Atlantis storyline where he dethroned his own brother. In a consequent storyline though, Arthur was fooled and betrayed by his wife's sister, Siren, who posing as his wife, renounced him as a traitor to his people and ordered his execution. Right now not only is Arthur not the King but he is Atlantis's enemy of the state and number one fugitive ordered to shoot on sight.

Check out the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

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Which other underrated comic book character would you like me to write about?


Which other underrated Comicbook character would you like me to write about?


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