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Episode 10.1 "TARDIS."

The Doctor once again is forced to tour his TARDIS after crash landing in the 1980s with his doors blocked by a hot hatchback he discovers Claras, room her journal and personal possessions. The episode would mainly focus on how The Doctor could of saved Clara from death if he had left her after the events of Death In Heaven and how things may of played out.

Episode 10.2 "Destiny."

One of the oldest races in the universe, thought extinct, contact The Doctor seeking help. When he arrives at the planet Hydrofloraxiaducianus or Hydrox, The Doctor meets Missy who has once again lured him into a trap. Now teamed with the Daleks, Missy plans to kill the Doctor in revenge for leaving her on Skaro in The Witches Familiar.

Episode 10.3 "Time Squared"

The Doctor arrives on space station Theta 1 while travelling with Missy. The crew of the space station are found meddling with time. When a freighter passenger enters the station a zombie type virus is sent swarming through the facility turning everyone into mindless beasts. With no one watching the experiments a time loop occurs so that every time the Doctor or Missy dies they go back to he point of leaving the TARDIS with only Missy remembering what has happened the previous times.

These are some official story pitches made by my brother back in September.


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