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I have already reviewed the film, which you can find right here - Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Review

But now I am going to give my thoughts on the film after having a day to take it all in and even think about the film in detail and find some of the things that bother me about the film. I will be looking at the more negative side of things, so take in mind that I still really enjoy the movie and plan of seeing it again.

So as the perspective of a fan of Star Wars I always want to get sucked into the universe and know as much as I can about the world and the state of the galaxy when these new films are happening.


I have made a list of questions and even problems that I have for the film that I have with the film and would like to see improved upon in the future movies. These are just a few that I can think of currently that I have had problems with the film.

If a lot of these questions are answered in the next film I think I will be able to let it go more and the same goes for the problems I have for the film. You can definitely tell that The Force Awakens is trying to recreate the feel of all three original trilogy movies in one to try and go somewhere new in the next one.


What happened between those 30 years?

How is The First Order Funded?

What is the Resistance? Is is separate from the Republic?

Is Finn even relevant going forward?

Are there others in the galaxy that have the force?

Why would The First Order build another Death Star like weapon again after failing previously twice??? and why wouldn't they hide it???

How is Rey able to master the force so quickly? Even know tricks that she probably has no knowledge existed?

Problems & A Couple of Nitpicks:

Poe Dameron set to the side for Han Solo

Kylo Ren (post reveal) is seen as a weak, emotional, cry baby

Kylo Ren is nonredeemable

Villains are over the top or made to be jokes in the film No emotional weight in the film

Nostalgia comes off as repeating rather than a homage

Great characters, but no character arcs


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