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Sean Hicks

I can't wait to get one. I hope it happens through original dreamcast was the best system on the market the first with phenomenal graphics. For how the graphics looked back then. Imagine how amazing they would be today. Also very first system to offer online gaming. It also played VCD DISCS that had movies on them. Granted you needed a separate boot disc. Then after you load it insert the disc close lid and watch it load and enjoy your movie. Not to mention the compatibility to play Playstation 1 games yes boot disc needed for that too. Also at first just like the ps1 being able to play copied games on blank CD's just copy the image on the computer and play along. But the difference Between the dreamcast and ps1 the ps1 you had to install a chip on the inside of the system. And the dreamcast at first you needed a boot disc to Load the copied game. With zero issues. Until we figured out how to burn the boot section and game on the same disc. That's what made the dreamcast amazing. Not to leave out all the games they had. Yes most games sucked ass. But when the games from Japan came in to play everything was great. I had games way before they were releasedown in stores including games that never got released in the USA. Games like 18 wheeler trucking. And many more I can't remember everything from 20 years ago. All I know is I still my dreamcast and around 80 games. The best game ever was Sega sports NFL2K1. Best football game I had ever played. My son and nephews and thier freinds were so happy cause everytime game I had I copies for them. I used to sell these games to peopen for $10 each. I made a killing on them. The big surprise whoever did it is genius. I had every Nintendo game on 2 discs to play in the dreamcast and I had every super nes games as well as every Sega game all able to play on the dresmcast. Without having to install any type of chip in the system. That's what made the dreamcast amazing. Also at the time the PS1 the PS2 and dreamcast were in compition with each other. And by far the dreamcast had the more better graphics. The dreamcast graphics were about the same if not better than the PS2. Yes you were also able to play copied games on the PS1 but for that you had to instsll a chip and needed a game shark card to install in the controller slot to load the copied games. Basically way too much work to play copied games on any Playstation console. Where as the dreamcast all you needed to do is just put in the disc as if it were a real game and play. Also the games like Zelda and others that need to be saved in memory. And the dreamcast didn't have any internal memory. But the memory cards you use. The ones that installed in the controller were able to save any and all game play and compatible with the SNES AND THE NES and SEGA gsmes. Bottom line is if they do come out with a dreamcast 2 it probably won't have the same features as the original console. I'm glad I still have mine and it's games. So I say bring on a new dreamcast. I guarantee it will be ground breaking. I say this cause the original one had the best graphics and internet. And to be able to play all the copied games even others fromg different systems. If they can make a console with all that capabilities 20 years ago. Just imagine what they can make today. CAN'T WAIT PLEASE COME OUT WITH A DREAMCAST 2. and just maybe it will be backwards compatibility to play the original dreamcast games. I just love you Sega


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