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Before Krampus, there was A Not-So Pleasant Surprise. Directed and written by the talented - messed up - gore fest duo, John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn (AKA Roller Disco Massacre), this micro short adds yet another holiday short film to their vast festive platter. Taking a key inspiration from the striking visuals found in older Italian films, this team utilizes Christmas as a setting as opposed to a theme to incorporate the vibrant and impressionistic color palette within each cinematic frame. The result provides an eye candy journey into the macabre that comes complete with a candy cane twist.

The longline is simple and provides just enough to wet the whistle:

A man investigates what seems to be the sound of his wife cheating on him in their bedroom, only to find something much, much worse.

Take a look and discover the grisly holiday spirit this team continually spits out from their santa sleigh.

Horror Hound presents: A Not-So Pleasant Surprise (NSFW due to gore and brief nudity)

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