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Patrick Karnes

It was confirmed awhile back that Oscar award winning actor Benecio Del Toro has joined the cast of Star Wars Episode 8. The mystery is the character that Benecio will be playing in our wonderful Galaxy far far away. In am interview with Del Toro said that some people may consider his character a villian but they must have read a different script than him. Yet in an interview with he said that his character was a villian type. Could this be Benecio using misdirection to confuse the fans or could be simply be a mistake that was made on behalf Disney not being clear enough with the actor and after being clarified he tried to cover over his statements.

On another note, could this be our young Han Solo for the anthology films? Anthony Ingruber has already once played a young Harrison Ford and he has the spot on look and facial features to play the young smuggler. You can check out his cantina scene impression here

It will be extremely interesting to see the adventures of a young Han making the Kessle Run or dropping the spice shipment that put Han in carbonite for Jabba. Hopefully we will have Anthony to thank for the performance.


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