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In this article,I am going to analyze one of the fighters from team Champa. The one from Frieza's race named Frost.

Now, this Frost character appears very interesting to me. Though there are some people who are a bit disappointed about seeing a character from Frieza’s Race. Just after the Golden Frieza saga.

The reason I am excited about this character is because it has immense possibility. And I also believe the dragon ball series did the right thing by bringing another character from Frieza’s race. Because, if you think deeply this race has a lot to do with the saiyans, and the saiyans are considered to be the main and the most important race in the dragon ball series. Since, the 2 main characters Goku and Vegeta is from the saiyan race.

And who destroyed planet of the saiyans?

Frieza. Frieza killed Goku and Vegeta’s father and literally wiped out the saiyan race using his fingertip. This is a very important incident in Dragon Ball history. And we know that their race was the ruler race. And the saiyans in a way were his slaves.

That is Frieza’s race is naturally strong. Nature gave them all the power they needed. Now Frieza’s era of domination came to an end in the hand of Goku. Goku proving the legends true become a Super Saiyan and finished Frieza’s domination. Super Saiyan Trunks later killed him on earth.

Goku had to train his entire life to achieve this super saiyan form. Frieza when he encountered Goku was in an untrained condition. Then after Frieza was gone, Goku trained all this year with King Kai, Supreme Kai’s in the hyperbolic time chamber, with Whis and Beerus. That is he continuously kept training. Frieza was in hell all this time. Then, after his resurrection he trained for only 4 months and became strong enough to fight Goku and Vegeta at their primes! Off-course, his dull decision, over confidence and arrogance made him to come to earth just after reaching the gold form; without mastering the form, resulting in his defeat. However, this shows us how fast Frieza could increase his powers and the fact that his race has way more latent potential than the sayians and most other known races in Dragon Ball universe.

So, where I am trying to get is. Imagine a Frieza who trained throughout his life. Huh! Great isn’t it! Going by what we’ve seen till now he should’ve surpassed Goku and Vegeta. Now, suppose the Frost character from Universe 6 is exactly like that. This could be amazing.

However, if he’s that strong I think he should transform into something other than the gold form so that we don’t have to see similar things. Gold form could be his second form. If you look at the physique of Frost it looks like he trained he is a bit muscular than Frieza in his base form. And also looks like to have a different personality than that of Frieza. This is a positive side. Because, one of the major reason of Frieza failing is his personality and bad decisions. If this guy is cool and composed and also trained we are going to get one heck of a rival!

Now what could be his background story? Is he also evil?

At this point it’s almost impossible to answer. But, I am still going to give a try. These assumptions are not backed by logics but my personal opinion.

I think Frost could be a good guy. Even if not 100% good or something ike that. But, he might have some sort of goodness in him. On the other hand, if we assume he trained. What could be the reason of him training? Since their natural tendency is to not train? So, could it be that Frieza’s race encountered stronger opponents in universe 6 forcing him to train? Could he be like the saiyans of Universe 7? What if his race was destroyed and he is the only survivor or one of the few survivors. Maybe in Universe 6 the saiyans overwhelmed Frieza’s race at an early time and Planet Vegeta Is untouched. The young Saiyan in Champa’s team indicates that there might be more Saiyans. Or it could also be he is friends with Saiyans to face a common enemy.

Well, guys to get the accurate answers we can do nothing but to wait for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super.


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