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If you’ve seen the new Star Wars, The Force Awakens, you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my mind, but hear me out.

We all know that the franchise (at least where the movies are concerned) is about the Skywalker bloodline. The original series focused on Luke’s rise and reclamation of Anakin away from the darkside and the prequels told the story about Anakin’s fall.

Throughout both, everyone’s favorite muppet, Yoda, talked about bringing balance to the force. With Episodes IV-VI everyone assumed it was Luke who was meant to do so, but then Episode I-III showed that prophecy was really refering to Anakin.

Here’s the thing – neither were correct, and balance was never achieved. Along comes the next generation, and Kylo Ren tells us he intends to finish what Darth Vader/Anakin started.

The way it’s presented, Kylo Ren’s statement about finishing what “you” (Grandfather?/Anakin?/Darth Vader?) started seems to refer to the Vader aspect – meaning, destroying the Jedi. But… What if he’s really saying, “Grandfather, what I’ve learned from Uncle Luke is that you started to bring balance to the Force. Let me finish for you. Because when Luke tried to help, he tripped on his morals and got zapped like a bug. However, his ineptitude had its desired effect and you almost got there when you chose good and threw Mr. Burns over the rail, but then you died and did not actually accomplish anything other than removing one head of the hydra.”

I probably should expound on this.

First, balance is not one or the other. For instance, if you were to put two equal weights on opposite sides of a scale; it’s balanced. The darkness and the light, however, are in constant conflict. So, one would think that you must remove one side, but if you remove one weight, it’s no longer in balance. This is the same for good and evil.

How does one balance this AND remove the constant intergalactic struggle?

By claiming and embodying both!

Anakin turned to the Darkside and Luke was meant to be the person to return him to the light and bring balance to the Force, and he was almost there. But Anakin died. Luke failed.

Ben Solo must have been brought up on these stories, and as any self-respecting teenager does, probably saw through to the truth about his Uncle who everyone seemed to love and admire but Ben knew was kinda egotistical and, to be honest, a bit wimpy (a muppet Forced an x-wing out of the swamp, while you had to “concentrate” to levitate a 5 foot-nothing droid for a bunch of primitive teddy bears?). Additionally, his own father wasn’t much to look up to, either. A Nerf Herder who couldn’t stick around and only parented by proxy. Where else would Ben have looked? Darth Vader, er… I mean, Granddad Ani.

Bring balance to the Force? Now that’s admirable.

Here’s the catch though, Ben had to become not only powerful, he needed to get bad, really bad, bad, bad. And then get back somehow. That’s the trick. That's tough.

Here’s my initial evidence:

#1 We all knew he had this “Vader worship” thing going on, but Rey’s thought-reading revealed that Kylo was worried he might not be as strong as Vader. Why would that be in his head while he was looking into hers? One could argue that it was always there, and I agree, but why was that the one thing she saw? Why not that he was Ben Solo, or that he really needed this information to impress Snoke? Because becoming as powerful as Vader is paramount to his mission, even more so than this other stuff going on; more than serving Snoke; more than working with General Hux to find Luke. It is to become as strong, Forcewise and internally, as Vader so he can tip over and come back and bring balance.

#2 He’s just not BAD enough, so he sacrifices Han. He could have just killed him, but Kylo Ren didn’t want to. He loved his father, you see? We could tell by the conflict he was having, but, “Dammit, Dad! I’m Bad can’t you see that? No, I can’t just come back, yet. I haven’t finished. I’ve got something I’ve got to do, but I can’t quite get there. Can you help me?” This accomplished a few things really. It showed his commitment to Snoke. It pushed him further into the Darkside and it was pretty awful for fans.

#3 I don’t actually have a number three yet, but I kinda wish I did because it would give my argument more weight. However, if Kathleen Kennedy is saying all the cast come back for VIII, could Han maybe be with Kylo?

Last bit. Think about this also, what was the Emperor’s motivation? The Force or Power?The Force, or rather the belief in it, is a kind of religion. It’s stated as much throughout the original trilogy, mostly with derision, from people who didn't really believe it even though they were around it. If Darth Sidious actually cared about the Force – Dark or otherwise, why wasn’t he ensuring that it was continued on? Why not train others beyond the standard apprentice?

The Knights of Ren are doing so apparently.

The Emperor, and the Sith actually, was about power, political and social. So, he used some tricks he’d learned and always had someone to do his dirty work, but he didn’t care about the Force really. He didn’t care if it was perpetuated.

But Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren do care and Kylo Ren is a part of the Skywalker bloodline meant to bring balance to the Force.

Enjoy the Show!


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