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I love MLP Equestria Girls, I also Like Godzilla, and Digimon etc.
Braden Baum

Five Nights at Braden's is a game that was made by me! And it will Have Dwayne Johnson as Mike Schmidt in the Movie. Myself as the Owner of the Pizzeria. John Cena as the Purple Guy, and we may need some Actors for the 5 missing children. and this will take place inside the Pizzeria at night. These are my quotes for the movie "I just Hope this happens as a Movie, if it Happens I would like to see it." Gil Kenan should be the Director for the 2016 film "Five Nights at Braden's"

We will also see a Willy Wonka animatronic in the sequel movie or maybe the prequel due to the Purple being scared by the spirits of the 5 children.

The Characters are






Willy Wonka

Mike Schmidt



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