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Are the power levels shown on Dragon Ball universe absolutely meaningless?

There are many people. Especially, the ones who don’t like Dragon Ball too much tries to imply that power levels are absolutely useless and has no meaning at all.

Even a very popular death battle channel known as the Screwattack thinks the same way. And I tell you what most people who are not ready to accept how immensely strong the Dragon Ball Z characters are does the same.

Ok, before going to the calculations I am going to tell you why I think power levels aren’t meaningless.

You see if we take power levels in consideration. That’s already an argument finished for 99% of the death battles. Why? I’ll come to back this after I explain why I think Power levels are very meaningful.

We see many people referring to official statements made by Dragon Ball Franchise that Power-levels are useless. But, what do they really mean by that? You have to think deeply to understand it. Power levels are useless in a sense that if a character tries to measure another characters power level and then decides how strong he is based on that power level in that case the power level is useless.

As we know the Z fighters has the ability to hide their power levels. And they can increase or decrease their power levels according to requirement. Also all the major villains that came on the later part had this ability. So, when the opposition tries to measure a fighters power level and take actions based on that. In that scenario the power level measuring is useless to that person. For example, when Raditz measured Gohans power level using his scouter, Gohans power level was like a normal human. Which Raditz thought wasn’t a threat at all. But, as we see Gohan under a certain circumstance dramatically increased his power and attacked Raditz. At that moment Gohan’s power level was said to be 1307 and increasing. Now, are you telling me that the power level of 1307 was false? NO it wasn’t. A power level of 3000 is stronger than a power level of 1000 and its fact.

Some say look there was battle between A vs B. A’s power level was less but he still defeated B. In Dragon Ball even if A started with a lower power he still had the ability to Power up crossing his limit. So when he dealt damage his power level was higher than B.

Some say if you are saying the scouters are faulty that means all power levels displayed on the scouters were also false. Dude, no. I am not saying scouters are faulty but the scouters had some limitations. Like, the characters could hide their power levels from the scouters. When the power level increase more than the scouters capacity; the scouter blasts and gets destroyed because it can’t measure the power level.

But, it doesn’t mean that the power level was false or the scouter is faulty. Just because a character can hide his power, when the power level was shown to be 10,000 it was 10,000. And a character with a powerlevel of 10,000 is stronger than a character with a power level of 5,000. It’s a fact. And in Dragon Ball universe powerlevels are directly related to the combat speed, Strength, Endurance etc. Because, of some special techniques a character might be better at a certain move even though they have the same powerlevel. But, basically more power level means more of everything.

Now, when people say the power scaling can’t be done. They are also wrong. Because, power scaling depending on power levels can in-fact be done. Because, every stats of a character increases depending upon the powerlevel. Suppose, Gohan is on one end and Cell is on the other. Now both are throwing beams at once and it collides. Now, cell is deceiving with his powerlevels and is hiding is powerlevel from Gohan. In change Gohan is doing the same. So, they don’t try to measure their power levels anymore and give their best shot. And at the end let’s say Gohans beam overwhelmed Cell’s beam. That mean Gohan’s beam had a higher power level than Cell’s beam. It’s not like Gohan’s beam with a power level of 1 Million defeated Cell’s Beam with powelevel of 2 million. So, the powerlevels are directly related to the increase of one’s power. I can site you an example of linear increase of speed in accordance with the power level. As calculated by Roaring Thunder Pursuit in one of his videos-

Goku took 3240 hours to reach King Kai with an speed of 310km/h. His power level was 450 at that stage.

On his way back he required only 28 hours traveling at a speed of 11000 km/h. And his power level was 8000/450 = 18 times higher

while his speed was 11000/310 = 36 times faster

so, we have ratio of Speed/Pl= 2:1

Then, they calculated and showed what Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan’s speed is. And what it turns out is Goku’s top speed is 1.3 Quintilian km/hr or 8 quadrillion m/h compared to Superman’s top speed of 1.2 quadrillion km/h. ( for any calculations related query check out Royal Thunder Pursuits Video- )

A guy argued with me that, Power scaling doesn’t work because Picollo with a power level of 300 destroyed a planet with much lesser effort and in much lesser time than Vegeta with a powerlevel 20,000 proving Power levels are not related with the increase. This argument is very dumb. Let’s say a person has the ability to lift 500 pounds. Now if he wants he can also lift 200 pounds. It’s just simple as that he used less power than he could. While suppose Picollo max potential is to lift 250 pounds and he lifted 220 pounds. So, I guess you see what’s happening there.

Again, just to make u realize how much value power level has in Dragon Ball universe. I would like to mention what Master Roshi could do with a power level range of 100-200. Master Roshi back at Dragon Ball destroyed the moon taking only a few seconds and had only a power level of 100-200.

Frieza 100 Quintilian
Frieza 100 Quintilian

According to the Voice actor of Frieza; Frieza gold forms power level is 100 Quintilian. So, you can only imagine the things he could do. Besides, it’s confirmed by Akira Toriyama that Goku can destroy at-east 15 Billion Galaxies as compared to 20 Billion galaxies Beerus can destroy.

Another feat of Master Roshi and Krillen is remarkable and shows their speed. They completed a whole action sequence, played game and thought for 1/5 of the second in just 1 second.

Picollo who had a power level of 300 only throws a casual beam at the moon it takes only a few moments to get destroyed. The Moon is 1.3 light seconds away, and it would take additional 1.3 seconds for a light from the explosion to return back to the earth, which means this beam from Piccolo was at very least close to the speed of light.

And when it comes to the likes o Goku,Vegeta,Whis,Beerus we are taking about Billions and Trillions and Quintilian of power level. Which easily makes most of the Dragon Ball Character win any type of death battle; for which all the anti-Dragon Ball dudes tries to prove power levels are useless.

Akira Toriyama said the reason why the concept of Scouters where removed. And he said it was because if power level was always mentioned we could easily see who is going to win. And hiding from opponents would become difficult. Besides, all the characters had the sense of sensing power levels. Thus, not requiring a scouter; never did he ever say that power levels are false or what were shown is wrong.



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