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You heard right folks, Stan the Man himself turns 93 today, and I know that I'm not the only one who idolizes this geek culture icon. Stan Lee is probably one of the most inspirational figures ever, and I know that I, for one, have always looked up to the creator of Marvel comics. How better to celebrate his birthday than to look at the 10 best Marvel superheroes (in my opinion) that ever came from his imagination? Let's get started!

10. Ant-Man

That's right, I think that Ant-Man, one of the classic Marvel heroes and founding members of The Avengers, should just barely break the top ten. No one really thought that much of this character until the absolutely spectacular movie came out earlier this year, and that's part of what convinced me to put him on the list. He's a total microscopic badass, and I can definitely see why Stan Lee created this hero as one of the founding members of his classic superhero team. However, he's not as good as some of the other characters he's created.

9. The Punisher

After so many bad movies based on The Punisher, many would argue as to why I think he's the ninth best character Stan Lee has ever created. Well, I'll then ask you, why would they make three different movies for this one character, and then decided to bring him to Netflix, unless he really was a very good character? There have been so many tries at a good Punisher film, and despite that, he's still a spectacular character. He has made so many feats of strength and skill that match the likes of Batman, including taking up the mantle of Captain America for a while, killed more people than almost everyone else in the Marvel universe, and all just as a former FBI agent who lost his family. For a man that has nothing but a bunch of guns, he's managed to do more spectacular feats than almost everyone else in Marvel comics lore.

8. The Hulk

The Hulk ranks pretty low on the list for being a giant rage monster and one of the founding members of The Avengers, but there are many characters that are better than him. We'll get to them in a minute, but Hulk has managed to do things no one else in the Marvel universe has done. He can survive in space, under water, any mystical or galactic foe you can throw at him, and is just all around virtually unkillable. The Hulk has proven more than once that he's one of the most powerful characters Stan Lee has ever created, and that's what makes him at least the eighth greatest hero on this list.

7. Thor

It's a no brainer that Thor belongs on this list, he's one of the most powerful beings in Asgard, and possibly all of the dimensions of the universe. Being one of the founding members of The Avengers and a regular sparring partner of The Hulk, he certainly can handle himself against any threat that poses itself.

6. Wolverine

Wolverine is a practically immortal mutant that's been alive for every major war and has a skeleton infused with the strongest metal known to man. The idea for this character alone is pure genius. Not only has there been an entire series of X-Men movies that revolve around Wolverine, but he's such a strong and resourceful character that he could match the likes of Captain America.

5. Fantastic Four

Despite three bad movies, it's undeniable that The Fantastic Four can defeat any threat together. I know that these are technically four characters, but they're nothing without each other. They prove that strength comes in numbers and trusting each other, and that all you need is family... in order to defeat galactic villains.

4. Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the most classic heroes in the Marvel universe, and the entire MCU was based on and relies on him. Not only is he snarky and sarcastic (which people love), but he's a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist that literally made a body of high tech armor out of practically nothing multiple times. His resourcefulness alone puts him on this list, and all of his extraordinary achievements are just an added bonus.

3. Captain America

Captain America is the first Marvel hero that Stan Lee created, and that alone makes him deserve a spot on this list. But what puts him above all of these other heroes? He's just a kid from Brooklyn. Captain America started out as just a skinny kid with a heart of gold, and turned into a super soldier with the ability to face foes much greater than himself. That's what makes him one of the greatest Marvel heroes ever, the fact that he's just a kid from Brooklyn, and can face the likes of the entire Nazi army.

2. Black Widow

Before you scroll down to the comments and start telling me to kill myself, just listen to my reasoning on this. Black Widow is probably the most underrated character ever, and could very well be the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. She can calm down The Hulk, she can lift Thor's hammer, she can beat up Hawkeye, she can out spy Nick Fury himself, she's just as smart as Tony Stark, and she has been subjected to a form of the same super soldier serum as Captain America. How is that not a resume of the second best Marvel hero ever?

1. Spider-Man

Why is Spider-Man the greatest Marvel hero ever? Because he's Stan Lee's favorite of course! Him being Stan Lee's personal favorite character alone makes him the best, but there's also the fact that he can think and swing himself out of any situation and defeat any villain you throw at him. He has spectacular powers, and the ingenuity to work himself out of any situation!


Who do you think is the best Marvel superhero?


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