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I'm new to Moviepilot. Found it off another YouTuber actually who just had a link in his description. So here I am. I've seen a lot of movies this year and it's been a really solid year I found, especially in the later months a lot of good stuff has come out or been available to watch. So I thought I may aswell post small thoughts on 10 movies that I found were the most enjoyable and the best created in my opinion of course.

10. IT FOLLOWS: Directed by David Robert Mitchell

You've heard all about it. It's made a big splash on the indie horror scene and rightfully so. This film is gorgeous looking made on a measly $2 million dollar budget, has one the most rich sounding, pulse pounding soundtracks composed by the excellent Disasterpeace and a sinister storyline which keeps it simple stupid but raises the hairs on the back of your neck. An excellent throwback to 80's horror, 'It Follows' is a true gem and reiterates the fact that there are still talented directors who respect horror.

9. THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT: Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Out of every movie on this list this is the most recent one I viewed, but I've been waiting for this for too damn long. (Fuck you Australia.) But hooray, I finally got to see this and my god it was brilliant. Ezra Miller who you may know from 'Perks of Being A Wallflower' blew me away in this film as Prisoner 8912. A true sense of fear was evoked the whole time he was on screen as the guards continued to partake in acts of torture and cruelty. Michael Angarano whom played the lead in 'Sky High' was actually frightening believe it or not. Portraying the 'John Wayne' guard, he fully embodied the character and mannerisms of a typical hard ass guard that would never let up. A bleak look at the psychology of institutions and the distribution of power, this film is excellent and deserves all the praise it gets.

8. ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL: Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

First time I saw this movie I thought it was pleasant and funny. Second time I saw it it blew me away. This film feels like a joint effort between Wes Anderson behind the camera and Edgar Wright penning it, it looks the part and talks the part. It's extremely witty and has a personality of its own which is extremely consistent. (I'm a sucker for films with personalities.) Thomas Mann was very likable as Greg Gaines and so was Olivia Cooke's as Rachael. Great throwbacks to old movies aswell between Greg and his friend Earl (played by RJ Clyer.) This is an absolute winner.

7. KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE: Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Plain and simply this film is crazy. It's hilarious. It's a perfect homage to spy films gone by. It's everything I wanted and more. Matthew Vaughn was the perfect person to adapt this comic book into a movie. I mean 'First Class' was brilliant also. But my god did he blow this out of the water. I've seen this film 3 times and it's still hilarious every time I go back and watch it. Colin Firth is killing it as Harry Hart and newcomer Taron Egerton as Eggsy was really likeable and had some killer lines. '..But Sleight of Hand, I had to teach that myself.' But nothing can top a villain that can't stand the sight of blood and has a lisp. Played by Samuel L. Jackson. Also contains the single greatest action scene which is the infamous Church Scene. I'm not gonna say anymore just go watch it and fall in love.

6. EX MACHINA: Directed by Alex Garland

Ex Machina was a movie I had been eagerly awaiting ever since being announced. Alex Garland is an extremely gifted writer, penning '28 Days Later', 'Sunshine', and 'Dredd.' All fantastic movies. However, 'Ex Machina' was his first foray into writing/directing and hell did he make a splash. This movie is extremely philosophical touching on everything to do with technological advancement to even pornography habits of the everyday man. Might be a bit slow for the average viewer, but if you take the time out to watch this film you will be handsomely rewarded with a deep study and brilliant dialogue. Oscar Isaac is also amazing as Nathan the CEO and Aliciia Vilkander as the elusive Ava. The only criticism with this film is that the character of Caleb played by Domnhall Gleeson is pretty terrible, that's why this misses out on the top 5.

5. TURBO KID: Directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell

Here we go, the top 5 of 2015. And to kick it off we have an absolute gem of a film that is a crime if you are yet to view. 'Turbo Kid' is fucking excellent and deserves all the praise it gets. Over the top violence, over the top music, over the top characterization. This film is not just a homage to the 80's era, it glorifies it and somewhat gives thanks to the era. Unlike the awful 'Kung Fury', 'Turbo Kid' ties together with a surprisingly heartwarming story and the jokes come from just how ridiculous the universe they crafted is. Not shitty puns and stupid action. 'Turbo Kid' feels 80's, everything from costumes to props to even the environments they chose to shoot in. Nothing will be as funny as a troupe of murderers moving into frame on bicycles wielding weapons, gold I tell you.

4. THE END OF THE TOUR: Directed by James Ponsoldt

This film is beautiful. Jason Segel absolutely steals the show and you can't even deny it if you've seen it. I fell in love with his portrayal of David Foster Wallace. Now I haven't read 'Infinite Jest' or any of his books for that matter but that is irrelevant to this movie. If you have any interest in film or what makes a brilliant film then you need to see this movie. The conversations alone are worth the price of admission. Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg are excellent and if they get snubbed at the Oscars (which they will) then I give up. (Not really, the Oscars are a joke anyway duh.) It's emotional, it's clever, thought provoking, beautiful but most importantly it's also extremely entertaining. A must see.

3. DOPE: Directed by Rick Famuyima

Dope is hard to recommend to people I found. Set in modern times, with the theme of 90's culture (which I loathe), crime/drama/comedy/high school/coming of age all rolled into one package and starring A$AP Rocky. Sounds great right......
Well it damn well is. 'Dope' is actually really awesome and you should all check it out because it weaves in and out of all these genres with ease. Famuyima is an extremely talented director from which I've based my opinion from this movie alone. It looks and sounds brilliant, the cinematography, the arrangement of music which accompanies the action and even bolsters a scene from good to great. The mere events that intertwine between these kids days of drug dealing and school. It all works perfectly, except for a little contradictory third act. Well it's more the third act OF the third act, so mainly the 9th act if you wanna get technical. But besides the point, Shameik Moore as Malcom is brilliant and he is an actor to watch these days, he was a blast every time he was on screen and I can't wait to see more from him. 'Dope' is dope. (funni)

2. CREED: Directed by Ryan Coogler

Always in our hearts since the very first 'Rocky' movie in 1976, Sylvester Stallone has forever been Rocky since that day. He's not even Stallone anymore and you can't deny it. He was born for that character, I mean 6 installments later and he's still kicking it. Even harder in fact. 'Creed' made me feel like I had walked out of the theater and had actually fought in the ring myself for the duration. I was sweaty and hot but my god was I keen to box. This is expert film making. And this is only Coogler's second movie. That's amazing. Stallone is up for a Best Supporting Actor I feel, with a knock-out (funni) performance like that he is well underway for a deserved one. Michael B. Jordan though. Forget about 'Fant4Stic,' because 'Creed' is here to save the day. If I was Jordan right now I'd be wetting my pants with excitement that I did a performance like this. It was human most importantly. Coogler wrote and directed Rocky and Adonis Creed with such humanity that you feel like you're watching some high budgeted documentary about the boxing scene in Philadelphia. The music is also brilliant, big and epic when it needs to be, then gritty hip hop tracks which accompany the scene to a perfect T. Special mention to that fight scene done in what looks like 1 take. Yeah you all know that was awesome.

1. MACBETH: Directed by Justin Kurzel

I did Macbeth for school last year and I loved every second of it. We watched Polanski's 1971 version and it was okay I thought, didn't alter my opinion or anything on the subject matter and was entertaining enough. But then out of nowhere I heard that Justin Kurzel who directed the amazing 'Snowtown,' was making a Macbeth adaptation. And I died a little. When I resurrected I had to wait a whole year for this damn movie. And when I finally saw it, I died for the second time within 12 months. This movie is phenomenal for fans of Macbeth. Gritty, dirty, bloody, damp, gloomy. It's everything the tragedy should be. Michael Fassbender was truly a perfect fir for the King of Scotland and I thoroughly enjoyed every time he took center stage. But in Kurzel's adaptation it is Marion Cotillard's character, Lady Macbeth that shines the brightest in this abyss of treachery that is Scotland. She plays a version of Lady Macbeth which I never interpreted whilst reading, but fully understand the directors choice to go this way. A manipulative woman determined for power who realizes her actions a lot earlier in the production and continues to live with a fragmented mind. Accompany this with quite possibly the best young composer in the business at the moment, Jed Kurzel. (Justin's brother) And the FUCKING GORGEOUS cinematography done by Adam Arkapaw. I cannot stress how good this movie looks, it's actually ridiculous. Think about the best painting you've ever seen in your life. Then throw it away cause it looks shit to what this man accomplished. If this does not even get a slight bit of recognition for cinematography then I will vomit from every hole in my body. This movie alone gets points for its look, but everything else just fits like giant cogs in a clock. This is the adaptation we deserved, and we got it. Thank you.




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