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The brother/director duo of Anthony and Joe Russo have recently commented on several things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview in China! Watch the interview here:

Even though these guys aren't exceptionally animated there are some really awesome takeaways from this interview! Their little jokes and comments get me more and more excited for the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Spider-Man is important to Civil War

We've been hearing this over and over again, and its mentioned again in this interview. Fans of the comic know that Parker's role in Civil War was extremely important to both sides in that he originally sided with Iron Man and even went as far to out his secret identity on live television. Eventually he flipped sides and joined Captain America's rebels, and after the war was over he stayed with the rebels underground, refusing amnesty.

I'm so excited to see what kind of a role this young Peter Parker could possibly play in Civil War, I am still holding out hope to see the Iron Spider armor that's for sure!

Tom Holland Represents Peter Parker

In the interview the Russos specifically state that they love Holland's youth, energy, humor, and vulnerability. They seem very excited that we're going to see a very young Spider-Man, a high schooler. Someone to accurately represent the pull between responsibility and being youthful. The more we hear about Holland's Spider-Man the more I think we're about to get the best version of the wall crawler yet!

Hulk's Journey

We've already heard the announcement that Hulk will be joining Thor in Asgard for Thor: Ragnarok, but the interview makes it sound like that will not be the end of Hulk's journey. They mention that the journey we see begin at the end of Age of Ultron will continue over the next few years. What could we see happen after Ragnarok that rounds out Hulk's arc? Could we see him take to space and meet the Guardians?

"Working With Marvel Has Been Easy"

Over the years we've heard tons come out from behind the curtain at Marvel. Joss Whedon has dropped out after two Avengers films, and Jon Favreau as well, who helped on the creative end in the beginning with the Iron Man trilogy. No job can be easy, and something of this magnitude not only has certain expectations for the enormous group of fans, but for the studios that are expending huge paydays! It makes sense that these people are hands on, give direction and voice their input when necessary where they have so much money riding on every venture being a success. While some have dropped out after creative differences with Marvel, it's refreshing to hear that the Russo brothers are enjoying their work with this franchise.

"Fans Won't be Disappointed With the Amount of Characters in Infinity War"

Avengers: Infinity War has long since been announced as a two parter, set for May 2018, and the sequel for the following year. With the slow and continuing tease of Thanos and the Infinity Stones we already know that the culmination of 20 films over the MCU is leading up to Infinity Wars! Fans are both excited and curious about which of our favorite heroes will be appearing in these films. Will we get to see the full Avengers roster? The New Avengers? The Guardians of the Galaxy? What about the Defenders: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist? Will any of Coulson's New S.H.I.E.L.D. make an appearance?

The Russo brothers don't go into any details, but there has been tons of speculation on who will be appearing and who will not be. James Gunn, writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, has gone on record stating that his Guardians won't be appearing alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The recent shift in the vertical at Marvel Studios has also sent some skepticism towards any of the television characters appearing as now the film and television people will be (supposedly) communicating, and collaborating less.

It is very exciting to hear Anthony and Joe tell us straight up that we will not be disappointed in the amount of characters slated to appear in this film! As fans we would love to see every character cameo and be a part of the final fight with Thanos, but logically this may be outlandish and expensive. However, I am still hopeful! These two directors have proven how awesome they are already with Captain America: the Winter Soldier and next year we'll see their work in Captain America: Civil War, which also contains a ton of characters! I believe that these brothers can pull it off!


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