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If it wasn't already obvious, spoilers for The Force Awakens lie ahead!

It has been a week since The Force Awakens was released and we are still scratching our heads and creating theories for A LOT of the films unanswered questions. Who is Snoke? Why was Luke missing? Why has C-3PO got a red arm!? These are but a few of the questions asked daily by the fans, but there is one mystery that has been the centre of many theories; Who is Rey?

Throughout the film everyone wants to know who the girl is, and if you watched the 30 minute playthrough of Disney Infinity 3.0, chances are you probably already know. While all of the clues seem to point towards her being the twin of Kylo Ren, making her the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Skywalker, Disney Infinity seem to have dropped a major bombshell on that theory.

The following video has been removed from Disney's official channel as Kylo Ren seems to reveal who the young scavenger from Jakku really is.

Still want to know what he said? If not then don't scroll past the video.

Around the 20:30 mark you can hear Ren say "Face me cousin", revealing that Rey is in fact Luke Skywalkers daughter, and the niece of Han and Leia!
The internet has been ablaze with this huge bombshell, but the fact is, he didn't really reveal anything.

If you slow down the video, you can clearly hear Ren shout "Face me...Curses" two pieces of generic dialogue that he has throughout the boss battles.

While this doesn't confirm anything, Disney's actions certainly indicate that there is more going on. Why would they remove the video if he only said generic dialogue? Well here is my guess...

Rey IS Luke Skywalkers daughter!

From the Skywalker lightsaber calling to Rey, and the fact that she is strong with the force, there are many hints that point to Rey being Luke's daughter. The final act of the film, where Rey hugs Leia and goes to find Luke seems to confirms that the characters know something that the audience doesn't. It is obvious that Rey's parentage will play a pivotal part in Episode VIII, and maybe this is why Disney have removed the video. They don't want anyone thinking that they ruined the surprise in a spin off video game, as I believe the reveal of Rey's parents will be the "I am your father" scene of the new trilogy.

So what do you guys think about this? Do you think Kylo Ren shouted cousin? Is Rey a Skywalker? Have your say in the comment section below and I'll be sure to get back to you!


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