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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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The Dark Room

It was an eerie atmosphere. He heard cackling in the room. Like something was about to jump. He stuck with it riding on the train that was taking him around the room. The room grew darker yet the lights emitting from the animatronics and the haunting theme that was it's name "The Roderick Rock" who was an infamous serial killer and the ride was based on his life and his victims.

Roderick Rock was a clown, and he was inspired by the movie 'It' where the clown was a serial killer too.

And as Jake rode in that depth which was the attraction he felt a sudden chill down his spine like something was breathing on him, but he brushed it off. For you see Jake was a skeptic he didn't really believe in the supernatural, and he was right not too, after all this was a simple haunted house attraction. And yet something about the ride seemed familiar, and just then, the carnival music played, and the laughter of innocent children, shrilled like an alarm in his ear. And all of a sudden the train picked up speed. And he realized this was more then a haunted house attraction it was also like a roller coaster. And it was. The train picked up speed, and the characters suddenly picked up speed to almost as if they had a personality of it's own it sprayed something on Jake's face. It was water. And then the train stopped.

Fog, rolled in, something was creeping out and just as the people behind him started freaking out behind him, the fog rolled out, letting them absorb the magnitude of the doors that were in front of them, and suddenly beside of them, there was a cackling laughter. The doors opened, the lights flickered, and as they flickered, Jake saw, that there was axes swinging down, looking real but Jake knew it couldn't be real as the train started it's descent but it was, the axes, were just timed so that, they only scared the passengers not decapitate them. But as time drew out, the train felt like it was picking up pace again, although ascending up, and just then the train suddenly swerved and he saw why it was the pop out of Roderick "trying to get them" but the train kept on swerving at 30 second intervals.

And just then the train stopped with a screech sound effect, and this was the part where the passengers needed to carry on without it as it was "the end of the line" as the sign said. They had to move through the maze and yet the lights grew dimmer, and only the little flickering lights on the sides of the wall kept them company.

And just then there was someone who jumped out to scare them, almost grabbing them. Jake ran, he knew that he would have to fight some of them, but he wasn't afraid of any of them. But just then the cackling grew louder and louder. Jake heard the shuffling of feet. And suddenly there was a pungent smell in the air like, like it was rotten meat. Jake shuddered, but still felt like it was the special effects, but then the air grew colder and suddenly Jake felt his adrenaline pumping as his heart pumped quicker and quicker and quicker. And that was the only sound that accompanied him throughout, loud thumps in his chest. As the air grew colder, and it felt like it was freezing, the laughter was heard again. He tried to run back out but the doors shut down as quick.

A huge "Clang". And the fog thickened, and there were silhouettes in the fog, as the shoes clomped closer, he tried to doge and weave, and find a way to escape and he couldn't 'Roderick' grew in closer, but he could see that it was not a real person. And so he tried to fight it. And thus, he couldn't but he kept trying anyway until, he destroyed it. It was some mechanism, some sort of animatronic robot. And he finally got out.

A little later he met with the other people, and he asked the attendants about that dark foggy room with the animatronic robot. But no one knew what he was talking about. But one of the attendants said that, that was actually a restricted zone, supposed to be sealed off but she didn't know why it was sealed off, nor did she understand how he managed to get away. From then on, Roderick took on a whole new perspective on life and other things, and he did tried to find that room again but couldn't, it seems that they finally took it out, or did they? He guessed that he would never get to have the answers.


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