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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Going into this I was scared that it was going to be too much of our generations pandering towards certain demographic especially now that there is a lot of things being computer generated.

Don't get me wrong sometimes the CGI is alright, but sometimes some animations need to be 2D drawn and Peanuts is one of them. While this movie does a great job blending the two I can't help but feel that the title is somewhat misleading. And I especially liked that they fixed that for our country especially. But for me I didn't really mind that actually as when I read the comics, it was much about Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the case was that there should have been a little more about the others, but to be fair there were instances where there were, but I mean, you know you wanna see more.

I mean the plot is simple and the message very simple too, connecting towards the storyline and I really didn't mind that the new girl was basically the love interest of Charlie Brown and we don't really see much of her until the last third of the third act. And we basically focus on Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

And the more I think about it it was more about Snoopy and that bird, but giving reflection on Charlie Brown's feeling, also very interesting as that shows that even though Snoopy is a dog and that, it thinks it knows everything, it's just like it's master and it would do anything to help him. And I really enjoyed that the best friend Linus gave him advice in the start and that it's true that Charlie Brown sometimes overthinks things especially as he did so many things and yet was not too successful on it. And I guess, in many terms I identify the most with Charlie Brown, I mean even as a kid, but, I mean, I never really read nor watched the specials, and the only special I watched was the Christmas one and I thought it was heart warming and nothing else.

But in this movie I mean the comedy was on time, and every thing and maybe some of the humor might have been to fast for kids but I think that shouldn't be a problem because there's still something that they have and that you know kids can appreciate the message too because it's something they should understand too. And yeah I love the airplane scenes with Snoopy and the "Red Baron" and I like that I related so much with Charlie Brown that anytime he did anything for the girl, I was going yeah, that's what I would do too.

Overall I enjoyed it. I loved that the thought bubbles were the original style of his newspaper comic strip and I know that he would be proud of this movie because in all of it, he admitted that Charlie Brown reflected his own. And that, life is just like that. At points you can't do much to change your fate because you don't really know why but the important thing is to try and I think that's the most important lesson of Charlie Brown and this movie, is a perfect relation to it.


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