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So this actually harkens back to the original trilogy.

Han owes Jabba a huge debt he can't pay back. So he jumps at the opportunity to take a job that will cover it from the Annunaki who inform Han about a planet in a galaxy far, far away. They instruct him to go there where their servants have been mining gold to fix the Annunaki's home planet of Neberu's atmosphere, collect it and bring it back to them. In return, they'll give him enough Galactic currency to pay off his debt to Jabba.

Han goes to this planet called Earth and lands in a place called Indiana. There he meets a young Earth girl named Meredith and they have a fiery romance. But Han has to cut it short so he and Chewy can go collect the gold.

Unfortunately, all the gold is hidden in ancient ruins, forcing Han to have to research various locations around the planet where it is hidden and then go dig it up.

Han takes on an alias, so as not to attract any bounty hunters that Jabba may have sent to find him. He decides to use the name of the 1st place he landed, Indiana, and Jones because of his "jonesing" for his beloved Meredith whom he left behind while on his quest.

Disguised as an archeologist, he infiltrates a university which funds his expeditions for him as well as allows him to use their vast storehouse of knowledge to locate the hidden treasures of the Annunaki.

After several successful missions, Han and Chewy are forced to escape Earth with what gold they have found, when a group of Bigfoot hunters try to capture Chewy.

After dropping off the treasure to the Annunaki, Han and Chewy make their way back to Tatooine to pay off Jabba, but come up a little short after fueling and travel expenses. Han finds a solution when a crazy old Jedi hermit and his whiny apprentice charter a flight with him that will make up the difference he needs to pay off Jabba.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Meredith gives birth to Han's son, Peter Quill. Han never makes it back due to becoming embroiled in a galactic war and being frozen in carbonite.

Jabba sends cut throat space pirates to Earth to fetch Han's son, but before they can deliver him to the crime boss, Jabba is ruthlessly killed by one of his slave girls.

Unable to collect the bounty on the boy's head, the pirates decide to make the boy one of them and he takes on the name Star Lord, before later escaping and going off in search of his father.

Meanwhile, Han and Leah give birth to another son named Ben Solo. Ben grows up training under his famous uncle Luke Skywalker when a Force dream informs him that he has a half brother. Ben never forgives his father for not telling him and succumbs to the Dark Side before running away.

After taking on the name Kylo Ren to distance himself from his father, Ren eventually kills his dad and then heads to Earth to find his brother and kill him too, because "There can be only one!" The trip is quite long however, since he doesn't own a Millenium Falcon, and the stress and time traveled causes him to age considerably before making it there.

However, unbeknownst to Ren, his half brother is already off world on a pirate ship. Kylo takes on an alias to hide his identity, Snape the Half Blood Prince. This is to honor his blood from his mother, Princess Leah, while still dissing the blood he got from his scruffy nerf herder of a father.

While on Earth, he joins a group of powerful Force users and helps them teach a group of podwans how to properly use the Force, at a school for Jedis called Hogwarts.

Ever in his quest for power, Kylo kills the head Jedi there but is later killed by another Dark Side Force user named Voldemort.

Kylo never does complete his quest, and Peter never does find his father. But Peter does go on to save the galaxy like his father before him.


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