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10.Avengers: Age of Ultron

Fans may or may not be satisfied with the sequeal. Due to the critics which involves the lagging of the story. But It looks the movie have persuade level of standards to secure position in the top ten movies of 2015.


The Marvel studios pulled up an awesome movie with the release of "Antman" ,which is collaborated with action, comedy and sci-fi. The movie faced a diversion of the release date .But created an impact on the audience.


This movie had a great screen play and vibe of content which is no surprise to see in the list.Alex Garland being a screen writer, directed the movie and produced his visuals to a great extent.

07.Kingsman: The Secret Service

The story had a new category of recruiting a spy brought an curiosity to the viewers.The movie was a blockbuster hit.

06.Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Jesse Andrews novel "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" converted into movie that bounced into the indie minded audience. The movie had a mark on listing the chart of top ten.


Action sink vigilance based movie captured the audience to of rating it the list.The movie evolved a crime solving theory bringing the action as a major part.

04.Straight Outta Compton

The music based movie had no doubt to make an entry. The story lies in bringing a revolutionary in hip-hop music raised popularity and success.

03.The Martian

The unique thought of surviving in the space was major part of movie which blended the fans for rating high.

02.Mad Max: Fury Road

No wonder, the movie was certainly anticipated by the fans turns out to be the best critics reviewed flim of the year.

01.Inside out

Pixar planned to tend the audience of guessing the story with the trailer that what kind of movie would it be.They were right at the spot delivering best story which shows the emotion, feelings and thoughts in mind.Made the movie of the year 2015.


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