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Fans of Arrow's Stephen Amell would have tracked the progress of his feud with WWE Wrestler Stardust earlier this year, all the way to the Summerslam showdown where Amell and Neville took on and eventually defeated Stardust and King Barrett. Amell received praise from the wrestling community for seeing the match through, and even coming up with an awesome moment or two of his own throughout.

It was a great match, and was a big draw towards WWE for many Arrow fans, including myself. But it seemed that this match would draw an end to the feud that had brewed over social media for months. In fact, it's been months and there hasn't been a sign of any rekindling the flame between the two... until now.

Now obviously Stephen Amell could not allow this to go without some warning aimed at Stardust about the consequences of this action, despite being on holiday for the Christmas break.

And that says it all folks. If you read between the lines, you will see that this would be the perfect sort of time for the set-up to begin between these two for a re-match... but this time, at the biggest event of all in the wrestling calendar!

I'm calling it right now folks! Re-match between Stephen Amell and Stardust is coming on April 3rd 2016 at WRESTLEMANIA!

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