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Since the initial announcement around two years ago that almost every fanboy's dream would be coming true in the form of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Once again an exhilaration of emotion flooded my nervous system thinking just like Hope "It's about damn time!" Ever since The Dark Knight came out way back in 2008, I wondered why DC have yet to introduce this team-up. Unlike Marvel (Disney), Warner Brothers owns all of DC's comic book characters and would not have to share in the only thing that matters to corporate types " the de niro." As long as I can remember I have not been partial to either company, so when a huge announcement occurs on either front a certain amount joy radiates from me ( I am a complete geek,whatever, no shame here). We as comic book fans are living in the greatest period ever to be one. People have been speculating when the comic bubble will burst, or when will superhero fatigue will set in. In my opinion, never, due to reason that all movies must tell stories, and as long as the studios are willing to take creative risks then we are in it for the long haul. ( I mean what an awesome time to live, we can escape from our mundane lives into something truly spectacular.)

We as fans are demanding depictions on the big screen of our favorite characters as close as humanly possible to those compared in our comic books. Before I share my theories of what I believe will go down in this epic showdown, I must give credit to Warner Brothers in an amazing job with the casting. I was quickly sold on Big Ben being cast as the bat of Gotham. First he is exactly how I imagine an older Bruce Wayne, and his sheer size makes for the most believable "Most Dangerous Man in the World," accolade. Henry Cavil looks like Superman was torn straight from the page of comics, ( I know, some people say he is too boring, but let us wait until this movie before full panic sets) and I truly believe that he nailed Clark's mannerisms. Jessie Eisenberg's acting abilities is not the issue on trial, rather his size and lack of intimidation. Lex Luthor is such a viable threat because of his intelligence and relentlessness, in that aspect Mr. Eisenberg will deliver. The response to Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman was appalling, men were looking only at her physical attributes. Honestly how big and muscular do you really think Ms.Prince should be? I also am rather annoyed when people suggest Ronda Rousey should be Captain Marvel on just her physical stature ( really people you want to put a billion-plus franchise into someone who lacks experience and we still do not know if she can act?). Gal Gadot looks absolutely breathtaking as the strong,fierce,intelligent woman known worldwide as Wonder Woman. (Yes, I am patiently hoping that she is an amazing actress and will do that character justice because her filmography is rather cute.) Another actress that i desperate to know any tidbit of information on is Jena Malone. Will Jena be Carrie Kelly's Robin, or Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. So far there has been zero mention of Commissioner Gordon,therefore it is most likely for her to be Batgirl. If this is the case, one can only wonder how big of a role does she occupy? I would also like mention how happy I am that Warner Brothers brought in Chris Terrio (Oscar-winner, Argo) to take over screenwriting duties from David S. Goyer. David Goyer made some remarks about She-Hulk that really had me wondering if he knows anything at all about us?

An overtly sexual Wonder Woman with Ms.Quinn
An overtly sexual Wonder Woman with Ms.Quinn

A couple of days ago the running time for the movie was announced at 151 minutes. Like everyone else I thought as long as the movie lives up to the hype that is fine, but if the movie becomes stagnant then jeepers!The first half of the movie will be Superman defending his freedom from the government, Batman acquiring the necessary tools to defeat Superman, and then finally Bat and Supes at each others necks. Also Superman saving a few people, and Snyder showing Batman's new style of crime fighting. I also wonder how big of portion is going to be spent on the devastation that Kal-El caused in the first movie in the DCEU, or will that only be addressed at the Senate hearings? ( The movie still sounds awesome and not so confusing, right?) Of course throughout the movie Lex needs a given amount of screen time to set up one of the greatest villains (himself) in all of comic history. The other half will have Superman battling Doomsday with help from Wonder Woman. (If Snyder does not give Doomsday proper respect this movie will be a failure, also I hope that they will not kill him and somehow send the rocky behemoth up to space.) Lex Luthor will build his Kryptonian Armor suit from Zod's battle suit in the Man of Steel when he shed the suit to fly and destroy more of Metropolis. Batman will battle Lex to try find information on how to stop Zod's reanimated corpse. This will be so awesome because Lex will have all this technology and Batman, well will be Batman. Batman will outsmart Lex to take him down and find information to stop Abomin.. I mean Doomsday. After the trinity stops this massive threat, a bond will form to become the Justice League. Depending on how much time is left could Snyder and Terrio introduce another villain and still not feel too crammed? (Sounds awesome though, right?) To be perfectly honest my concern is not necessarily this movie, it is the Justice League movie. The rumor mill is churning that all of the JL members will cameo except for Green Lantern (No word on who yet!), and this is not a bad thing (speaking on behalf of only this movie). So will the first half of the new Justice League movie have Batman,Wonder Woman, and Superman forming up the squad with no team work whatsoever and just face the big bad. This will really peeve me off, because you have all these great villains, and DC could not spend the time to set it up properly? After BvS, you have Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and then Justice League. I am not worried about Dawn of Justice, but I am starting to grow anxious on how everything else will fit together in this universe.

Lastly, as a frequent reader of all things awesome, I cannot understand all the hatred that DC is receiving in the community. I can understand how the Joker's new look (I think it is really, really cool) can rub some fans the wrong way. His new look is very peculiar and vastly different from any predecessors that donned the clown price of crime moniker before. I also understand that Man of Steel was very underwhelming and the mass destruction of the third act left a very sour taste in fan's mouth. The point I am trying to make is we all should feel lucky to be able to go to the theaters and watch these films. BUT, if this movie is somehow horrible, I will be with everyone else complaining because they just screwed up Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Wow, I do not even want to think that is a possibility because that will no doubt break our hearts.

Thank you for reading my post, and please comment about anything! Feel free to disagree!


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