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You sit in your seat with your range of snacks and you prepare for the highlight of your year. The sound of John Williams and the London orchestra's "Overture" blasts through the speakers in cinema once again, filling us with youth and making us giddy at the sight of yellow writing in space. J.J Abrams brings us the Star Wars movie we have been longing for since the original trilogy. The new film is a joint second with "Return of the Jedi" below "The Empire strikes back" but above "Revenge of the Sith", lovers of the prequels would would abandon this article if I was to continue and rank Episode I & II (very low). The Force awakens is not just a good Star Wars film but ultimately a good film in which if were not so determined to reference its predecessors and focus on its own story would have been an amazing film and possibly the best of Star Wars. This film has everything humour, heart, Han Solo and co. (We all know he's the greatest character in film) and problems. The film was packed full of meaningless references where they could of had some character development with Poe, Captain Phasma, Snoke actually all the characters needed some more attention. Poe was barely in the movie, the 'new Han Solo' barely in the first f**king movie are you serious, worst thing was he was cool as s**t (Yes I know he was originally going to be killed off, no I don't care I'm still ticked about it). Even with its problems it was still very good, the funniest of the six films and without any cheese, Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones I'm looking at you. The lightsaber battle at the end was my personal favourite it was gritty and not clunky like the originals but not like a dancing competition in the prequels and Kylo Ren's 'saber tho. With the mask on Kylo Ren is easily the coolest villan in the galaxy with his aforementioned cross-lightsaber, his Vaderesque mask (but a little cooler) and his anger issues but then he takes it off and ruins it, seriously guys he's not intimidating couldn't you leave it a movie or just keep his damn beard come on now. Rey and Finn are another two characters who I was to see more of unlike some characters: Jar-Jar, pre Revenge of the Sith Anakin, Padme, C3PO. Even though some of the film feels like a reboot of the original trilogy it fills me with a new hope for the rest of this new era for Star Wars. There HAS been an awakening, have you felt it.


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